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Product Photography vs. Virtual Photography

The end results of traditional product photography and virtual photography are, well, virtually the same: a high volume of high-quality images.
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The ROI of Virtual Photography

In the era of COVID-19, photo shoots are canceled and retailers are searching for remote alternatives to in-studio production.
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Five Awesome Things We Love About Crate & Barrel eCommerce Experience

Consumers are staying at home more than ever before, and many are looking for ways to improve their environment -- in this case, their homes. One of the easiest ways to make home improvements is to add new furniture. Adding just a few new pieces can help a space feel "new".
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Virtual Photography: The Future of eCommerce Product Images

The world of commerce is rapidly evolving. From the increased competition from direct-to-consumer brands to the myriad ways to define “customer experience,” brands must stay informed and agile to keep up in the visual economy. And the simple truth is, that when it comes to product visuals, photography has not evolved enough to meet the demands of today’s fast-paced eCommerce market where buyers expect incredible visual experiences.
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