The 3D Door Configurator Solution

Manage your product assets in one place with unlimited options. Scale your 3D and AR visuals. Supercharge your sales with our 3D door configurator software.

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Create engaging product experiences and visualizations that get results

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Threekit's Visual Experiences

3D Configurator

photo of a chair

Virtual Photographer™

Augmented Reality

blueprint layout

Room Planner

shoe with chat box

AI Conversational Configurator

Take your customer's product experience to the next level with augmented reality.

Our 3D door configurator will enhance how customers engage with your custom doors.  Scan the QR code when clicking the button below to see it in action.

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The Door Configurator Suite

Showcase configurable product lines and door components in every way necessary to wow your customers and give them the confidence to buy.

Advanced configuration

Bring in more firepower and functionality for products that have parametric attributes or can be infinitely customized. 

Dynamic dimensions

Give customers supreme confidence with dynamic dimensions, added in real-time. Measurements change as them make adjustments so they can be sure they're designing to size.

Dynamic pricing

Associate pricing data with individual catalog items so prices will update automatically as shoppers configure products.  Includes multiple pricebooks and currencies.

Digital product catalogs

Create syndicated product catalogs to enable distributors, retailers, and buyers to access, explore, and buy products.

Plug in and add the power of product configuration.  

We instantly enhance how you do design, marketing, and merchandising by integrating seamlessly with the tools you already use. 

A total visual solution that grows with your company. 

You’ve never been able to do so much from one place. Create, manage, collaborate, revise, distribute, learn, and grow. 


Create amazing visuals at scale

Create 3D configurators modeled by components that you can use again and again, forever. Add new features incrementally to create an ever-expanding product portfolio.


Manage it all from one platform

Easily access and manage a library of all your product assets. Update existing models, upload new components, share with your team and analyze performance, all from a cohesive, easy-to-use dashboard. It's all yours to own. 


Distribute your product assets anywhere

Put your 3D product visuals wherever you need them. Pipe directly into your eCommerce platform or sales portal, feature in 3D digital display ads, and re-market on any social media platform at the touch of a button.

ind-windows and doors

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