2D Rendering and Virtual Photography for Building Materials

Virtual photography from Threekit empowers building material providers to generate thousands of high-quality 2D images quickly and easily. With an asset management library that stores scenes, product renderings and configurable aspects such as color or material as separate files, catalogs can be updated swiftly and visual brand consistency is assured.

Key Takeaways

  • Virtual photography solutions offer the ability to generate thousands of product images effortlessly.
  • A robust image asset library creates the agility to respond to market and supply chain changes within hours.
  • A user-friendly interface and codeless backend allow virtually any designated employee to manage the integrated platform.
  • Consistent, high-quality images deployed throughout omnichannel marketing increase customer trust of the brand.

Increasing Engagement with Product Visualization

High quality visuals are the key to attracting and retaining online customers. In fact, 67% of consumers have stated that the quality of product photos helps them make their decision.

This has traditionally meant an investment of time, money and effort, stocking every building material and arranging a photoshoot for each, editing the images and uploading them to a database, and intensive management of those assets.

That's where Threekit comes in. Our advanced visual commerce solutions include a cutting-edge visual engine that renders photorealistic 2D product images quickly and efficiently.

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Virtual Photographer


The Virtual Photographer tool converts a few 3D product renders (typically based on a CAD file) into thousands of 2D product images that capture the product from every angle.

Using advanced AI, it ensures lighting, detail and colors are not only accurate, but flawless. You can also easily change the color, texture, fabric, light or composition of the image.

Plus, images made using Threekit’s Virtual Photographer are 1,000 times cheaper on a per-photo basis than traditional product photography, with an average cost of just 1¢ per image.

With Virtual Photographer, you can sell without a prototype by importing your manufacturing files, applying materials and rendering perfect product shots before your product has been manufactured. Create assets once and use them in all configurations at no extra cost, decreasing time-to-market.

The webGL-based renderer creates picture-perfect thumbnails and product marketing images. With consistent image style and quality across all customer touchpoints, brand trust is increased.

And the same 3D models that are used to render product shots can also be live-embedded into interactive 3D or augmented reality experiences, so the platform scales with your business.

It's Hollywood-caliber CGI for your building materials, without any of the associated time and cost. 


Image Asset Management

The platform includes a robust asset management library, which comes pre-populated with popular textures like steel and wood grain.

Each model, scene, texture and material is saved as an individual file, enabling easy catalog updates and custom configuration options. With the agility to swap out product aspects, you can swiftly respond to changes in market demand and material supply chains.

This ensures transparency with customers and reduces instances of mismatch in customer expectation.

Efficient Post-Purchase Workflows

Threekit integrates with your existing technology stack, enabling seamless communication between your chosen ecommerce platform and your PIM, DAM, ERP, PLM and more.

Post-purchase workflows are made more efficient through automation. After a customer clicks 'Buy', a BOM, CAD file, cut files and assembly instructions are automatically provided to the manufacturer, enabling immediate construction.

There's also an option to generate a PDF of a product configuration that's sent directly to your sales team to follow up with a quote. This is an essential sales driver for B2B companies without an ecommerce store.

The customer order is also automatically generated, reducing likelihood of human error and ensuring the customer gets exactly what they ordered.

Support and sales teams have access to the comprehensive configurations set by the customer, enabling future cross-sales opportunities and more informed customer assistance.

Warehouse purchaser using a complex product configurator to plan out purchases


The industry's move towards sustainable solutions and the reinvention of traditional materials reflects a commitment to eco-friendly practices. This shift is not only beneficial for the environment but also aligns with consumer preferences for sustainable building materials. 

By reducing the rate of product returns due to customer dissatisfaction, eliminating the need to have stock on hand for photography and enabling an option of selling exclusively via ecommerce, Threekit supports this move toward a more ecologically sustainable business model.

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Future-Proof Functionality 

Threekit also offers a product configuration tool that easily integrates with your ecommerce platform and empowers customers to design your materials to their exact specifications. This powerful sales tool supports product innovation and the rising consumer demand for interactive product visuals.

With incredible CPQ integration, a headless solution, configurable API and a comprehensive support team, Threekit has the adaptability to support your business no matter what the coming industry and ecommerce trends are.

Learn how we can increase your building materials sales by scheduling a free demo today.