Using Virtual Photographer for Sofas and Sectionals

Enable high fidelity product customization or generate thousands of gorgeous product images to show every angle of your product, no photoshop necessary.

Key Takeaways

  • 83% of shoppers cite product images as being crucial to their decision to buy.
  • Virtual Photographer is 21x faster than traditional product photography and at 1/1,000th the cost per photo.
  • Threekit's digital asset management library saves product, configuration and background files separately, so they can be combined as desired for marketing and catalog use.
  • The user-friendly platform includes image editing software, while built-in AI automatically adjusts light and shadow for photorealism in every image.

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Enhancing Product Visualization with Threekit

See your product fully in context, in a real environment, to scale, with other products and with lighting adjustments.

Personalize backgrounds, including custom wall colors and floor finishes.

Then use the Interactive Interiors to show products within a 360°-immersive virtual environment.

That's the power of Threekit's advanced visual engine and cutting-edge technology.

Virtual Photographer

This robust tool streamlines the labor-intensive work of adding new products to your catalog by quickly generating thousands of photorealistic 2D images drafted from a 3D render of a CAD file.

These visuals capture ever angle, distance, light and shadow of your sofas and sectionals in stunning detail, enabling you to combine each product with different lifestyle image backgrounds and configuration options.

Plus, whether you’re selling on social media, as an online retailer, or in a physical shop, customers get consistent visual messaging about your product.

At a rate 21 times faster than traditional photography, you can add new fabrics and layouts even before they've arrived at the manufacturing floor.

With just a few clicks, you can refresh existing product images with new configurations or backgrounds, making the old look new again.

Your sales model can turn to more of a manufacturing-on-demand one, saving you the time, waste and cost of making new products for the catalog, booking a photoshoot for them, waiting for edited product images and storing the samples in a warehouse or having to upkeep them in a showroom.

Images created using Virtual Photographer are 1/1,000th the cost of traditional photography.

The user-friendly tool includes photo editing options, putting you in control of the end result. 

You can use the platform to create detailed visuals for any sectional, no matter its shape, size or complexity. This lets your shoppers try out different colors, fabrics, layouts and materials in real-time on your site.

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Interactive Interiors

Interactive Interiors combines the realism of virtual photography with multi-product design and room configuration.

Shoppers can personalize a sofa, then see it within the context of its proposed environment. It’s an immersive, 360° experience that visualizes an entire interior space so pieces can be personalized for a perfect fit. 

You can import assets or update existing ones to enable the 360° view. These images can be positioned within a panoramic, scannable room of your choice—no 3D artistry or design degree required. Crisp, vivid imagery showcases every detail, ensuring accurate renderings with each configuration. 

Environments become part of the design, encouraging different combinations and fresh ideas, for customers and your product team alike.


Product Configurator

A 3D configurator increases sofa and sectional sales by offering a better-than-in-store experience for shoppers, leveraging the power of user choice and interactive visualization to engage and inspire.

Studies show that engaging online product experiences can increase conversions by 42%, in addition to increasing brand loyalty.

Utilizing a 3D configurator empowers shoppers to customize sofa options, including colors, materials, sizes and shapes, based on their individual preferences. This ability encourages a sense of ownership over the personalized sofa or sectional.

Configurations are shown in real-time and allow the customer to inspect every angle and granular detail of the sofa, as desired.

Additional interactive features include "explosions" which show the product inside out or pull it apart to visualize each component, and animations which can clarify different sectional configurations.

sofa 3d configurator


With sectionals and sofas being an investment in comfort and style, buyers need assurance that their selection will fit their space and aesthetic before they commit to purchase.

This is where visual space planning comes in—with Threekit, customers can configure a sectional to their exact specifications, interact with a 3D render of it to verify details and then easily create a floor plan of their room to see the sofa at scale within their home.

This engaging way to shop boosts shopper confidence and trust, turning browsers into buyers.

Lovesac outdoor Sectional Couch

A Composable Platform for Integration and Ease

Threekit’s platform is built to plug directly into your current tech stack to take advantage of your software investments. Once installed, you can syndicate your experiences to any channel. 

Seamless communication with PIM, DAM, DRM and other CPQ tools enable transparency with product delivery time and pricing. Plus, automated order processing and manufacturing outputs reduce human error and speed up production time.

You can also add a "Request a Quote" function, which generates all order outputs and sends them to the sales team, rather than manufacturing. For B2B sofa companies without an ecommerce store, this supports and hastens the time between consumer interest and generating a sales quote, which increases the chances of conversion.

Lovesac The Ultimate Magento Product Configurator

As discussed in our Show It to Sell It webinar, the future of furniture ecommerce lies in creating a rich, virtual shopping environment that resonates with the tech-savvy consumer. Want to see more of what we can do for you?

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