How 2D Rendering and Virtual Photographer are Used by Digital Leaders

Digital leaders are leveraging 2D rendering and virtual photography to enhance user experiences and drive innovation in the digital space. This article explores the strategies and impacts of utilizing these technologies in today's digital landscape.

Key Takeaways

  • Virtual Photographer from Threekit is 1/1,000th the cost of traditional product photography and 21x faster at image creation.
  • Threekit's visual commerce solutions are tailored for specific platforms like SAP Commerce Cloud and Salesforce, providing a seamless integration with existing business technology tools.
  • Visual commerce tools enable next-level product interactivity for customers, without adversely affecting website load times.
  • Threekit's 3D asset management tool provides a library of elements that support existing taxonomy and information management styles.

Enhanced Product Images to Engage Users

The statistics speak volumes: shoppers are 60% more likely to make a purchase when they can visualize products in high definition. But the right image rendering software for a business also needs to be user-friendly, easily scalable and work well with existing platforms.

With the right image rendering approach, digital leaders can transform the user experience, making it more interactive and personalized.

Threekit provides advanced visual commerce solutions ideal for any sized business in any industry. Among the variety of features found on this platform is Virtual Photographer, whose cutting-edge visual engine renders photorealistic 2D product images quickly and efficiently.


Saving Cost and Time

Virtual photography not only elevates the aesthetic appeal of digital content, it also provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional photography by enabling the creation of photorealistic product images without the logistical challenges and expenses associated with physical photoshoots. 

This function offers the flexibility to showcase products in various configurations and settings, as well as easily scaling up to meet the expectations of today's online shoppers, producing multiple images per product page.

It’s easy to execute virtual photography production—no special training in photography or visual effects is needed. Simply input a 3D file of a product and the platform will spin out a high-resolution, web-ready image with perfect lighting and texture.

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Images made using Threekit’s Virtual Photographer are 1,000x cheaper on a per-photo basis than traditional product photography, with an average cost of just 1¢ per image. And it's faster, too, generating as many as 10,000 images per day. 

Virtual photography transcends traditional imagery, offering a dynamic canvas where every angle and customization can be explored, enhancing the customer's journey and fostering a deeper connection with the brand.

By creating immersive visual experiences, companies can captivate their audience and establish a distinctive brand identity.

Headless Configuration for Responsive Design

Threekit provides a robust platform that empowers digital teams to create and integrate dynamic visualizations into various applications. 

Developers can harness the power of Threekit's API to build or adapt custom solutions that meet the specific needs of their clients or projects.

The platform supports collaboration through its agile toolkit, empowering product experts, configuration developers and rule designers to breathe life into product visualization as a team.

And our commitment to success is evident in the resources provided to those using the platform: a comprehensive documentation library, remote configuration, a supportive developer community and 24/7 global product support.

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Boosting Operational Efficiency

With built-in metadata management functionality, the platform boosts operational efficiency, while features like tagging and nested configuration support efficient SEO and database management.

Threekit offers a comprehensive solution for digital leaders, providing an advanced 3D asset management system that seamlessly integrates with various business systems. This integration supports omnichannel selling and maximizes the efficiency of digital strategies across industries. 

With Virtual Photographer's editing capability and the storage of individual configuration options as separate files in the asset management library, digital teams can offer multiple style, color and size options for a product in just a few clicks.

And with features like automatic order processing and manufacturing outputs, digital leaders can streamline operations and reduce time-to-market. 

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Comprehensive Integration

Threekit integrates into existing ecommerce platforms, workflows and business software such as PIM, ERP, DAM and more.

Without the burden of lengthy installation and management of a variety of software tools to accomplish all of this, digital leaders are free to focus on business-critical aspects like IT security.

And speaking of security, Threekit holds ISO 27001 certification—proof of the tool's ability to protect financial information, intellectual property, employee information and other sensitive data.

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By leveraging the Threekit Virtual Photographer, digital leaders can ensure that their product presentations are not only appealing but also cost-effective and scalable. This can lead to a substantial increase in conversion rates, as shoppers gain confidence in their purchases through better visualization.