eCommerce Integrations

Order management, engagement analytics and fast time to market. No matter which eCommerce platform you’re on, Threekit has the pre-built connector to get you up and running with ease. 

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3D, Augmented Reality and Virtual Photography for eCommerce Platforms

Features that power your team and integrate seamlessly with your eCommerce platform. 

ERP Integration

Plugs directly into your existing ERP for accuracy and instant updates

Bill-of-materials (BOM)

Works with your ERP to generate a complete list of parts for even the most highly-customized products

Standalone Quote/Pricing Generation (CPQ)

An advanced pricing system that generates quotes in real time and works with your BOM. Learn more

Product bundling

Ability to combine multiple SKUs into a single configuration to increase average order size

Seamless Store Integration

Configurations created and stored online can be referenced in-store for an “endless aisle” experience