Using Virtual Photographer for Tailored Suits

In today's digital economy, shoppers have hundreds of custom suit makers to choose from. Capture their attention, establish trust and turn browsers into buyers with aspirational, photorealistic 2D imagery—generated automatically with just a few clicks.

Key Takeaways

  • Digital shoppers expect to see multiple high-quality images of a suit, to better understand its fit and construction, before they make a purchase.
  • Hi-res visuals convey more information to consumers than text, about the product and the brand, making them a requirement in the realm of ecommerce.
  • Virtual Photographer is a scalable, easy-to-use platform feature that saves you money and time by producing photorealistic 2D renderings in moments.


The Transformative Power of Virtual Photographer

Humans are visual by design—we respond 60,000 times faster to visual stimuli than we do to words.

Providing high-quality images of your suits engages shoppers and relays more information about a product than a descriptive paragraph can.

In fact, one study showed information to participants in both text and visual formats—three days after seeing the item, people recalled only 10% of the text information, but 63% of the visual.

Additionally, statistics show that 83% of shoppers consider product imagery crucial in their purchase decisions. 

By providing high-quality, detailed images, you create a more compelling product presentation that resonates with potential customers. 

Threekit's virtual photography tool quickly and easily generates thousands of photorealistic product images from every angle, from just a few 3D renders of the product.

The advanced visual engine gives you control over your brand's visual storytelling and enables consistency in visual storytelling across all marketing platforms and customer touchpoints.

With U.S. shoppers expecting to see eight different product visuals before making a purchase, as opposed to six when the survey was conducted in 2016, expectations for top-notch images are growing.

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Client Successes

Threekit’s product visualization services have been shown to increase conversions by 40%.

After adopting Threekit, Tailored Brands saw a 30% increase in incremental sales

Using Virtual Photographer, Gat Creek's art department is empowered to self-manage over 200,000 product images ensuring every product permutation is picture-perfect and consistent across their entire catalog.

And Founder Sport Group uses the tool to create product combinations that inspire their customers, driving shoppers to their configuration tool and elevating the shopping experience for their customers.



Efficient image production is crucial for reducing time-to-market. In the world of ecommerce, trends and consumer preferences change quickly. According to McKinsey, the average product-to-market delivery time for top-performing fashion brands is just six to eight weeks.

Threekit’s virtual photography platform can generate as many as 10,000 images in a day. One ThreeKit client was able to get 50,000 photos in a week, a project that would typically take over a month with a team of five photographers.

That’s five business days versus about 105 business days, meaning virtual photography is 21 times faster than traditional photography.



Virtual Photographer can generate thousands of photorealistic images from just a few 3D models of a product, in moments. Add a new product to your catalog at the right time for you, every time—no delays from rescheduled photoshoots or sewing floor backlogs.

The generated images showcase your suit from every angle and at the perfect light, showing detail like material weave and enabling on-body renderings for an accurate representation of fit.


With the ability to generate accurate, hi-res 2D images before you even make the first product, you don't need to make a sample, hire a model and photographer, ship a full product inventory, schedule a photoshoot, deal with material delays, find a studio or track and warehouse those samples.

Traditional photography ranges from $400-$600 per image, Virtual Photographer costs just 1¢ per image.

The platform integrates seamlessly with existing business software, so you also no longer have the expense of hiring siloed software or image manipulation experts. All employees can use the interface, ensuring staffing coverage and more collaboration.

Additionally, you can save money on product returns. Over 64% of returns occur because the product received doesn’t match the customer's expectation. That can be mitigated, or possibly even eliminated, if the customer has a rich visual experience, flexible configurability and an AR application that enables them to see the product in their space when they make their choice.



It’s easy to execute virtual photography production and requires no special training or visual effects skills. Just upload a 3D file of your suit, and the base plug-and-play-style platform will spin out a high-resolution, web-ready image of the product.

For those who prefer a higher level of control, the user-friendly interface includes advanced editing options and integrated AI to generate lifestyle scenes. 

Advanced Visual Asset Management for Adaptability

By storing generated images as individual models, materials and textures, the platform enables wide-scale repurposing of assets across various platforms and uses.

This means you can modify colors, fabrics and other design features with just a single base file of the product and a few clicks. And because you can do all your editing with the same virtual photography software, you can save even more time and money on re-shoots and retouching.

With the agility to modify configurations and products quickly and easily, you can adapt to market changes and material supply chain concerns faster than competitors. This boosts brand trust, as well freeing up more time for product innovation.


See how Threekit's Virtual Photographer tool can increase conversions and decrease backend costs for you. Schedule a free demo, today.