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Visual Commerce for Manufacturing: How it Works

The B2B sales process is built on relationships and those don’t end when the customer buys. Threekit provides a platform that helps you sell visually but also service and maintain contact for repeat sales.

Step 1

Help your customer find the product they need

Easily find the product they need via search and filtering functions within your product catalog or sales portal.

Step 2

Configure and price the product with them

Guide them in real-time, adding features and functionality and build trust through transparency with dynamic pricing.  

Step 3

Send product information everywhere it needs to go

Step 4

Create post order workflows

Automatically generate CAD files, assembly instructions and bill of materials to kick off the manufacturing process. 

Step 5

Service what you sell

Provide customers or field technicians the tools to troubleshoot issues, identify and order replacement parts and complete repairs and upgrades faster.

What our customers are saying

Jonathan Ulrich Headshot

"If a picture is worth a thousand words, Threekit is worth a million words.”

Jonathan Ulrich, CEO

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"I had customers telling me ‘I’ve never seen anything like this, it’s a total game changer.'”

Brian Kirby, Director, Direct Commerce

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"With all kinds of different nuances and options of our Sactionals, Threekit really helps bring them to life. We’re really excited for what we've brought to the web.”

Sean Nelson, CEO

Visual Commerce Means B2B Transformation

Show more to sell more

It’s 3D configuration that puts customers in control and enables your sales team to configure, add features, price and gain approval in real time. 

Service faster

It’s not just about sales…Threekit streamlines aftermarket parts and servicing so you can solve cases, locate and order replacement parts in a few clicks. 

Add 3D visuals to advanced CPQ

With Threekit, no product is too complex to configure and visualize. We partner with the #1 commerce logic engine––to bring any and every highly customizable product to life. 

Cut costs 

Threekit is a budget-friendly lever for manufacturing savings. Reduce product photography costs and drive incredible manufacturing efficiency with a scalable visual platform. Automatically generate CAD files, BOMs, assembly instructions and more.

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Threekit's Visual Experiences

3D Configurator

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Virtual Photographer™

Augmented Reality

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Room Planner

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AI Conversational Configurator

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