Product configuration with BigCommerce & Threekit

3D Configuration for Headless Commerce

Threekit's commercetools product configurator lets shoppers visually customize and personalize their product in real-time to buy faster.

BigCommerce Augmented Reality

Show everything in AR

Threekit's Configurable AR feature lets commercetools customers show millions of product customizations in AR, right on their browser. No app needed.

BigCommerce B2B sales

Great for B2B eCommerce

With the Threekit 3D and AR you can supercharge your B2B eCommerce site. Engage users and empower your sales team.

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Customer expectations are changing, and the data proves it

Product Detail Page Features that are Influential to Digital Purchase Decisions

83 %
of shoppers point to product images as the most influential factor in their purchasing decision.
Product Images/Photos83% 
Star Ratings64% 
Comparison Charts45% 
Product video36% 

Experience Threekit 3D and AR with commercetools:



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