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Open the door to incredible visual configuration  

With Threekit, there are no limits to the visual experiences you can provide your shoppers. From interactive 3D to Virtual Photographer and augmented reality. Once you’re on the platform, the possibilities are endless. 

Provide real-time product personalization

Let shoppers make your products their own. Threekit is a visual engine that lets them adjust everything from size and material specs to real-time text and logo engraving. It’s the ultimate in product personalization.

Create a full omni-channel experience

High-consideration products require multiple touchpoints. Threekit helps you surround your shoppers and connects the dots between online, in-store and marketing to create a cohesive brand experience. 


Infinite fabric and material representation

Leverage the hi-res Threekit materials library and add infinite fabrics to your portfolio to scale. Show quality personalization like embellishment and monogramming, plus save costs on fabric sampling. 

Offer multi-product look configuration

Enable shoppers to explore entire ensembles, customize multiple pieces in one image and assess how they go together. 

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What our customers are saying

john tighe

"We dress people for the most important moments in their lives, and I firmly believe the tailored clothing options we offer along with Threekit’s solutions create that seamless, omnichannel experience our customers expect.”

John Tighe, President

sean nelson headshot

"With all kinds of different nuances and options of our Sactionals, Threekit really helps bring them to life. We’re really excited for what we've brought to the web.”

Sean Nelson, CEO

Geoffrey Mark

"Threekit makes the impossible possible for Crate and Barrel—through image creation technology that unlocks massive scale and quality to keep our customers engaged and delighted."

Geoffrey Mark, Associate Director of CGI Strategy

Threekit Creates Immersive Visual Experiences Across Retail

Threekit's Visual Experiences

3D Configurator

photo of a chair

Virtual Photographer™

Augmented Reality

blueprint layout

Room Planner

shoe with chat box

AI Conversational Configurator

Real Visual Commerce. Real Results.

2 X

increase in conversion

20 %

increase in average cart value

30 %

increase in qualified pipeline

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Get more efficient

Visual commerce is an incredible breakthrough when it comes to saving dollars and cents.

Cut your photography costs by up to 60%

Manufacturing, shipping and executing photo shoots is expensive, especially for large pieces like furniture or building materials. With virtual photographer, you can create beautiful product photography and generate images on demand, no photo shoot needed.

Don't hold excess inventory

Traditionally, to market a product, you had to manufacture and photograph it, plus, keep inventory on hand. With visual commerce, you can manufacture to order. Say goodbye to clearance sales.

Show before you manufacture

It’s costly to make and market what doesn’t sell. With visual commerce, you can visualize, market test and even advertise before you manufacture. Eliminate guesswork, reduce risk and only manufacture what shoppers want. 

Lower your customer acquisition cost

Drive higher engagement and more time spent on site and Google will reward you with more traffic (so you can spend less on advertising.) Then boost your conversions once customers get there.  

Reduce product returns

Online stores experience a 40% reduction in returns when they provide adequate product visuals–3D configuration and virtual photography. Reducing returns makes business sense.

sean nelson

"With all kinds of different nuances and options of our Sactionals, a 3-D technology like Threekit really helps bring them to life. And so, the experience at has changed for the better. We’re really excited for what that’s brought to the web."


Sean Nelson, CEO, Lovesac

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