The Competitive Advantage of Virtual Product Photography



Key Takeaways

  • High-quality, detailed images of your product are key to boosting ecommerce conversions.
  • Threekit's Virtual Photographer can save you time and money by acting as a photographer, stager, lighting specialist, designer, visual editor and more.

The Power of High Quality Visuals in eCommerce

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and it could also be worth several thousand dollars for your business. When selling online, innovation is key—especially for the visual experience.

Research shows that good photos increase customer interest. Bad photos do the opposite, causing customers to bounce from your site. Keep users on-site longer with quality photos.

Additionally, high quality product images show customers all of the product features so there are no surprises, offering views from every angle that show its size, shape, and color. This reduces the likelihood of product returns and negative reviews.

Visuals are incredibly persuasive for ecommerce. In addition to boosting your authority, utilizing them can build loyalty quickly with buyers and emphasize that your product is exactly what they need. 

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Threekit's Virtual Photographer

Not only does Threekit's innovative Virtual Photographer product allow you to scale product images, it empowers your shoppers to customize products in real time. Use it to enable configuration while still emphasizing the quality and detail of your product.

Photorealistic Images

It produces high-resolution images. This removes informational barriers, like the need to conduct off-site research, by informing the customer through comprehensive visuals. It also adds a sense of need and urgency that compels them to buy.

It creates responsive images that scale to the user's interface, creating a better user experience. At least one quarter of all U.S. shoppers buy with their smartphones, and a responsive design significantly reduces bounce rates for these consumers.

Scales Easily

With only a few reference photos, Threekit can create tens of thousands of photorealistic images showcasing a product from all angles and in all lighting scenarios.

Saves Cost

Virtual Photographer integrates with AI programs to generate lifestyle scenes with your product in a realistic environment, saving you the time and cost otherwise necessary to shoot the scene on location or in studio.

Guaranteed Accuracy

Rather than risk getting only a few good shots, and then having to spend hours manually editing each one, Virtual Photographer automatically optimizes each image created.

Comes with a Robust Library

Save time and ensure granular accuracy by utilizing Threekit's infinite collection of common product materials like woodgrain, fabric, metal finishes and textures.

Integration with Business Tools

It integrates seamlessly with business software, such as PIM, DAM, ERM, ERP and ecommerce platforms, including the entire Salesforce ecosystem. It also can easily be used with augmented reality (AR) programs for virtual try-before-you-buy experiences. 

Speeds Time-to-Market

Threekit's software solution automatically generates CAD drawings at scale, helping you quickly shift from concept to production.


Not sure about virtual product photography? A ThreeKit team member would be more than happy to give you a free demo customized to your brand. Drop us a line here to get started.