What’s All The Fuss About Our Summer ‘22 Release?

As an employee at Threekit, it’s easy to get excited for just about anything going on here. The hard work that each and every one of our mighty staff members put in on a day to day is evident by the success we’ve been seeing as of late. 

As a Solution Engineer at Threekit, our 4 major releases per year get me especially excited because they give me even more tools with which to solve my prospect’s challenges. Trust me when I tell you that an SE will never turn down additional tricks to show off in a deal cycle. 

So what’s all the fuss about our Summer ‘22 Release…let me break it down into 3 major themes:

  1. The Quest for Efficiency

Navigating the 3D landscape is like sailing uncharted waters. Being at the forefront of that, the bar is especially high for Threekit to continuously innovate and produce functionality that builds upon our existing robust platform capabilities. It’s not always easy, but with the voice of our customers and the can-do spirit of our team, we aim to provide a true SaaS platform that eliminates the “black box” effect of bespoke solutions.

In our Summer ‘22 Release, we are continuing to refine our refreshed Admin UI (Spring ‘22 Release) with 2 main enhancements:

  • A refreshed tag management experience that includes color coding, editing, and organizing tags across your Threekit platform. Tags were previously rigid, meaning once you clicked “Save” it was set in stone. If that wasn’t enough, the tag management view now enables admins to see where your tags are being used to prevent any downstream effects should they be edited, modified, or deleted. Who doesn’t wish they knew what could happen before doing something?

platform management

  • Building upon our Spring ‘22 Release is an updated asset management UI that empowers common admin tasks to be completed without having to click through multiple screens and sections. Previously, the task of adding new logic to an asset would require at least 4-5 clicks. With our updated UI, that can be accomplished in 1-2 clicks! Less clicks equals efficient experiences which ultimately equals happier Threekit Admins.

2. The Pursuit of a Performant Visual Commerce Experienceperformance

In the Spring ‘22 Release, our Product Team wanted to put Threekit Admins in the driver's seat and give them a toolkit to better understand their visuals. With the Performance Analyzer, admins of all backgrounds could easily see what assets were contributing to load times all within the platform. The shroud of mystery was lifted and admins could now answer the What of their performance questions. This simple insight into assets has downstream effects on SEO scores and ultimately on marketing dollars as marketers try ever so hard to stretch their budgets to ensure line items like paid search are spent in the most effective way possible.

Fast forward to the Summer ‘22 Release, and now you have a Product Team that decided to give those same Threekit Admins the power to take action within the platform. What used to involve the need to call up your resident 3D Artist > Export bulky asset > Import into 3D tool of choice > Optimize asset > Export asset > Import into Threekit Platform can now be accomplished without ever leaving the platform. Think about that for a second…maybe that workflow is okay for one asset, but multiply that by 100, by 1,000. 3D artists leveraging Threekit, rejoice!

sofa platform


What about the rest of us who aren’t as artistically inclined? Fear not, I shall take you down a journey that makes it clear how powerful this new toolset really becomes when applied to the end user experience. We all shop online and one major pain point for companies has always been our fleeting attention span. If we click on a Product Detail Page (PDP), we expect near instantaneous results and brands fear the repercussions of that not occurring on a regular basis. 

Let’s say a PDP generally takes 5-7 seconds to load all relevant visuals. Now let’s take that same product and imagine it on the Threekit Platform where you can automatically optimize the related asset(s) down to a 2 second load time (up to a 90% improvement). As an end user, I click on the PDP and within 2 seconds the Threekit Player is initialized, visual assets are loaded, and the first meaningful content I see is an immersive 3D experience where I can configure to my heart’s content. That initial 5-7 sec load time is now transformed from staring at a blank page, to compelling a purchase. Every second wasted is a second not converting. 



A feature like the Mesh Compressor has far reaching effects that go beyond your 3D Artist. eCommerce Managers delight in the thought of higher conversion rates and SEO scores. Product Managers relish at the thought of your product(s) reaching the masses. IT Managers sleep cozy at night knowing you don’t have to spend endless hours deciphering and optimizing code to meet the Digital Marketer’s need for speed.

3. A Visual Experience for Every Occasion

Threekit thrives in shaping the Visual Commerce landscape by continuing to push the envelope on the experiences we offer our customers. With that sentiment in mind, we give you yet another experience to reach your end users: 360 Degree Virtual Photographer. Imagine a world where your end users expect an immersive experience each and every time they visit your site. Now open your eyes because that world is your reality and the struggle to keep people consistently engaged is real. From the company that brought you three distinct visual experiences (hence the name Threekit) comes a game changer…the ability to give your end user an immersive experience with products that look real to the touch. 

Take the image of your oven range. Yes it looks great, but we all know there’s more to it than just a product in a vacuum. It took time and money to photograph that one range in a studio. Let’s instead use the camera to give the end user a unique perspective where they are in the kitchen with all combinations of your oven range and interacting with the entire space. Want to swap out cabinet designs? What would the backsplash look like in a different color? No problem, add those changes into the mix as well. The ability to upsell and cross-sell now extends beyond a product recommendation engine.

kitchen 360


Magic you say? Nope, just our Product Team hard at work to give you yet another experience in the same Threekit Player that you already know and love. 3D Artists, no need to change your current workflow and asset pipeline. Developers, no need to custom code yet another widget to meet the demands of the business. When we say it’s Out Of The Box, we sure mean it.

No more inspiration boards. No more forcing your customers to imagine what the room of their dreams might look like. No more hours burned trying to give your customers a unique experience to set yourself apart from the competition. Threekit has you covered. What’s wild is that I’m just highlighting the Spring and Summer ‘22 Releases…we have two more to go this year alone. 

Want to hear more? Seriously, I can go on all day about this stuff.

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