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Four Reasons that 3D Product Configuration Should be on Your Roadmap

It's perhaps no surprise that the average online attention span is now shorter than ever. Shoppers want instant gratification, and when they can't configure or customize products exactly to their liking, there are a million other distractions to take them to another e-commerce business.   If you're thinking about product configuration and your marketing technology and e-commerce roadmap, here are four reasons why customization and 3D visualization should be high on your priority list.    Threekit 3D Configuration
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Entrepreneurial spirit is what drives startups

A startup is a microorganism made up of entrepreneurial cells. Each person working at the startup, a.k.a. a cell, is a unique species that, at the visceral level, embodies the entrepreneurial spirit.
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How Virtual Product Photography is Shaping the Future of E-commerce

Whether we like it or not, the world is evolving. Thanks to technology, customer behavior is changing rapidly and brands have to keep up.
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Threekit partners with Magento to Deliver 3D Commerce for Merchants

   Threekit partners with Magento We are excited to announce our partnership with Magento, an Adobe Company, the worldwide leader in Cloud Digital Commerce Innovation, to expand its offering to Magento Commerce merchants. Through this strategic partnership, Magento Commerce merchants can now take full advantage of Threekit’s platform features, which include a 3D product configurator, interactive 3D, virtual product photography, and interactive product tours. Additionally, powerful augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality capabilities allow customers to preview their customizations before making purchases. By using the Threekit Platform and showing consumers exactly what they're buying, brands can see a 40 percent increase in online conversions and an 80 percent reduction in online returns.
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Threekit joins The Khronos Group to set standard for 3D Commerce

  Threekit has joined the Khronos 3D Commerce Exploratory Group to help guide the future of 3D commerce. The purpose of the group is to establish standards and guidelines for the production and distribution of real-time 3D representations of products, so they can be experienced realistically and consistently across all platforms and devices. 
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What is a 3D Configurator?

A 3D product configurator is a way to let your customers to personalize a product they want to buy. The added bonus of the 3D element is that it allows your customers tointeract with your products online the way they would in store. Plus, they can select custom options and watch them transform in real time even if you don't have those options ready to be manufactured. In other words, 3D configurators supercharge e-commerce through immersive visualization. But it’s not just the ability to see various colors, components, and styles—3D configurators can also provide dynamic pricing for chosen configurations.
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