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How A Shopify Configurator Elevates the eComm Experience

In 2019, Shopify overtook eBay to become the second-largest e-commerce platform in the U.S., after Amazon, boasting an estimated 1M merchants using its service. It’s not just home to mom-and-pop or medium-sized businesses; the likes of Nestle, Tesla, Red Bull, Penguin Books, Pepsi, and Budweiser all have a presence on the platform.  
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3D Product Visualization and AR for Manufacturing

Manufacturing has historically been an engine for innovation. From developing futuristic solutions for rapid prototyping, production, and delivery to innovative strategies for personalizing products for the consumer — manufacturers today are the foundation for the commercialized world we live in and enjoy. Manufacturers are prime candidates to capitalize on 3D product visualization and augmented reality technologies to communicate their production approaches to customers and to create entirely customized products from end to end. Let’s take an in-depth look at how manufacturers can thrive with 3D visualization.
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3D Product Visualization and AR for Life Sciences and Medical Devices

When it comes to medicine — when it comes to saving lives — precision is vital. Knowing exactly what needs to happen and how it should happen makes the difference between patients lost and lives won. When it comes to purchasing medical equipment, knowing the cellular details about the product are necessary. Unfortunately, there are so many medical equipment providers that are not making use of modern technologies to present their equipment in an informative and highly detailed way.
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Why B2B Sales Teams Are Using 3D Configuration and Augmented Reality

Selling physical products and solutions to businesses has always been a challenge. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a whole new set of obstacles that B2B sales teams have to overcome to meet with potential customers. However, not all marketers are facing the same challenges. The smartest B2B sales teams are using a combination of 3D configuration and augmented reality technologies to conduct virtual sales calls.  
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What Is 3D Rendering?

There’s a good chance you’ve seen a 3D rendered image today.  Whether you’re watching animated cartoons, flipping through a magazine, viewing billboards on your morning commute, or scrolling through social media on your phone, you’re likely to come across images created by the process known as 3D rendering. In fact, 3D rendered images have become an important form of visual content for marketers, advertisers, content producers, and others.
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3D101: When does a pilot make sense?

Deciding whether or not to take the plunge with interactive 3D visuals can be a daunting process. Starting with a pilot is often the right first step.      For companies that are new to 3D, it can feel like you are wading into unfamiliar territory.   Questions arise: How do we know this will work for our business? Will we be able to increase our conversion rates and web traffic? Are we in a position to fulfill an increased number of orders?
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A simple guide to high performing 3D models for e-commerce

You may be asking yourself,  “What gives? I’ve been watching movies in 3D for over 20 years—performance is an issue with 3D?”
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4 reasons you are ready for a 3D e-commerce project

  Updated May 5th, 2019 Congratulations!  You’ve decided that you want to transform your customer's buying journey and draw your audience in with interactive 3D product experiences.  You know that putting your customer in the driver’s seat will lead to increased brand loyalty, improved conversion rates, and accelerated revenue growth.
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