4 Stats That Prove AR for eCommerce Increases Customer Loyalty

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Do you want to provide your customers with an immersive, fun, and gratifying shopping experience that increases customer loyalty? Of course, your answer is a resounding, "Yes!" Integrating AR for eCommerce into your business model is one way that has been proven to do just that.

 The product configurations used in AR can help provide unique and customized products to your consumers while cutting costs, improving customer experience, gathering data, and boosting your company's profit margin. Read on to learn more about AR for eCommerce and how it can increase overall customer loyalty. 

Understanding AR for eCommerce 

Augmented reality, or AR, is the future of eCommerce. AR for eCommerce is a technology that allows consumers to superimpose digital content over a real-world environment. 

Essentially, AR technology provides customers the ability to overlay digital images of products in their physical world. In most scenarios, these innovative AR tools allow customers to interact with three-dimensional products through their smartphones. 

AR for eCommerce also puts more power in the hands of consumers. Right from their own smartphone, online shoppers can virtually try out tens of thousands of product varieties. Then they can see if the products fit into their space — even in their own living room. 

The more choices and power placed in a consumer's hands, the more confident they will be when online shopping. The more confident a consumer is, the more likely they are to make a purchase and become a repeat customer. 

Simply put, AR lets shoppers put your customizable products in their space. This unique user experience has customers pushing "buy" and returning to your store time and time again. AR technology has the power to increase customer loyalty by building confidence through an extraordinary customer experience. 

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AR for eCommerce Increases Customer Loyalty 

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The innovative tools of augmented reality are already bringing value to customers around the globe. AR is already proving itself as an entity that greatly increases the brand loyalty of consumers. Check out the four stats below that prove AR for eCommerce increases customer loyalty.

1. AR Apps Provide Better Customer Engagement and Satisfaction

In a recent study, 63% of customers said that AR would improve their shopping experience. Consumer psychology shows that potential customers want to be able to know that the product they purchase will fit their wants and needs. AR tools allow consumers to see how a product will look in their reality. 

For example, an AR experience will enable consumers to see how a specific couch would look in their real-life space through their mobile devices. This new technology means consumers have fewer doubts, so retailers see a decrease in the total number of product returns. 

2. Offering AR Draws in First-Time Customers 

Offering AR features in your eCommerce store will likely draw in new customers to online stores, especially with marketing campaigns that highlight the new features. Recent data shows that 61% of consumers already say they prefer to work with retailers that provide AR functionality. 

By offering AR for eCommerce, your business attracts new customers while also increasing their engagement and loyalty to your eCommerce brand. 

3. AR Technology Provides Convenient Store Experiences to Consumers 

The technology offered by AR has the ability to communicate details about a product that traditional photos just can't. AR solutions allow customers to see how a product will look in their environment without having to purchase it; they can "try on" or "try out" different 3D models at home. 

This provides the customer with convenience and the confidence that they are making the right buying decisions. This mirrors — or even exceeds — shopping experiences at brick-and-mortar stores. Data shows that the increased satisfaction AR provides results in 71% of consumers saying they would shop more often if they could use AR during their shopping endeavors. 

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4. Offering AR Increases Sales

Offering AR for eCommerce has the ability to increase sales revenue and conversion rates. Forbes released a study stating that 40% of shoppers are willing to pay more for a product they could customize in AR-enabled apps. 

When customers are willing to pay more for the product that they truly want and are happy with their purchase, they are likely to be a return customer. Therefore, AR technology has a lot to offer eCommerce businesses. 

These figures highlight how AR for eCommerce has the ability to greatly increase customer loyalty. AR technology is already having a massive impact in eCommerce, and it's just getting started. 

AR provides a top-tier interactive user experience. Every eCommerce business should be looking into integrating AR technology into its setup. By 2024, it is estimated that the AR market value will reach $50 billion. 

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Integrate AR Technology Into Your eCommerce Business

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The technology of augmented reality is on the trajectory to revolutionize the consumer shopping experience. However, according to Mobile Marketer, only 1% of retailers are currently using augmented reality experiences or virtual reality. In the same report, 52% of retailers say they are not prepared to integrate AR into their current retail setup. 

Technology is ever-changing, and retailers need to start preparing now for the demands that consumers will bring in the upcoming years. Do not get left in the past or restrict your products to physical stores and static photos. 

Now is the time to look into AR technology and how you can start integrating it into your eCommerce sites today. Click here to learn more about AR for eCommerce and how Threekit can help your business thrive in the ever-changing eCommerce world.

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AR technology is already taking the eCommerce industry by storm. Over one billion people worldwide already use AR, and a reported 32% of consumers use AR while shopping. Threekit can provide your eCommerce business with all the AR technology you need. Our services offer your customers 3D product visuals and augmented reality to bring every product to life. AR technology will allow you to sell more with the incredible visual experience it provides to customers. 

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