How Product Configurators Are Streamlining Modular Building Sales

Two professionals looking at a product configurator to design modular building elements

In modular construction, it's especially crucial for customers to be happy with the final design before construction begins. Suppose a customer orders module designs. The manufacturer fabricates them offsite, only to arrive at the installation site and have the customer be dissatisfied due to incorrect specifications or product options. To avoid some of the potential headaches in the modular construction industry and boost building sales, a high-quality product configurator can be an integral asset.

How Product Configurators Fit Into Modular Building Construction

Using a 3D product configurator with augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) features, you can effectively ensure each module is designed and constructed to the customer's liking before fabrication. In the process, you can streamline the sales process while keeping customers continually satisfied from design to installation. This is highly valuable as the visual economy continues to grow. Customers demand a more visual shopping experience in both B2C and B2B verticals.

Let’s cover some of the specific benefits of using a product configurator in the modular construction industry.

Show Customers Exactly What They're Getting

Comprehensive product configurators create detailed 3D models. So customization of modular buildings is easier than ever. Today, a growing number of customers in the construction industry are conducting in-depth research online. While many companies are using websites to provide a better customer experience, they often neglect to include detailed visuals to configure various products.

In modular construction, companies may include high-quality images of different designs on their eCommerce sites. Still, they may not be enough to give customers a good sense of how the final product will actually appear once constructed. This is essential, as most customers spend around 27% of the purchase process conducting independent research on the internet while spending a mere 17% of their time actually connecting with suppliers.

With a product configurator that shows modules from every angle (along with accurate colorization, dynamic lighting, and other features), customers can remain comfortable in knowing they're getting precisely what they want. 

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Easily Display Demos of Modular Buildings Using AR and 3D Models

During the product configuration process, you can make it even easier to customize and sell modular buildings using a product configurator's 3D and AR features. Using these components, you can showcase sales demos to customers that make them feel even more secure in their purchase, encouraging them to make a buying decision quicker.

With the help of 3D configuration, sales teams can render real-time configurable products, including modules. The resulting demo can appear to everyone in the same space or via video call. Sales reps can then update different features, including dimensions and styles. This enables customers to see them and instantly decide whether these options are what they want.

Additionally, AR and VR technology can provide salespeople with even more powerful tools. With an AR app and API, it's possible to show what modules would look like in person. That includes individual building materials and furniture pieces. Using a VR headset, customers could also explore modules in a virtual setting and see an accurate representation firsthand.

By showing real-time and accurate demos of potential designs, you can eliminate any doubt about what customers will be getting early on in the sales cycle. Even with the most complex products, an innovative product configurator can ultimately give customers peace of mind about their purchase.

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Provide Accurate, Real-Time Quotes Quickly

One of the key influencing factors in a buying decision of any kind is pricing. Modular construction is no exception. However, generating accurate quotes for modular designs can be slow and tedious for both sales teams and customers. That's where a product configurator can help. 

Contemporary product configurators make it easy to produce a configure price quote (CPQ) in real time with the help of AR and 3D tools. As you generate product visualizations, the product configurator software can organize and document outputs while updating pricing according to specific design features and dimensions. This prevents customers from ever being in the dark regarding pricing. It also helps them determine whether a project will stay within their budget.

Improve the Sales Process With a Reliable Product Configurator

A good product configurator can make things easier for your sales staff and customers. You'll be able to significantly shorten the sales cycle for each project. You'll also stand above the competition with a streamlined buying experience. 

Some online product configurators also allow businesses to request information from people prior to showing them the complete configuration. This tactic can bring more leads into omnichannel marketing strategies using email or other platforms. This also brings more people into the sales funnel early on in the buying process.

In turn, your sales teams won't have to work nearly as hard to increase sales as they would without the help of a state-of-the-art configurator.

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Keep Track of Modular Construction Orders

Modular building wall being assembled on-site

To maintain more organization on the backend, product configurators also allow users to track all modular building orders with ease. Along with providing a helpful visualization and CPQ solution for eCommerce platforms, configurators can connect to BOMs, PIMs, and ERPs. As a result, you can boost automation through the automatic creation of component lists and orders. Subsequently, you can deliver modular products much faster to customers.

Customers love a seamless and efficient experience with retailers and other businesses. Even with B2B construction, you can facilitate faster turnaround and consistent satisfaction. In fact, about 67% of B2B buyers have actually changed vendors in favor of one that offers a more retail-like buying experience similar to other online stores.

Get Started With a Product Configurator for Modular Construction

If you want your modular construction projects to go smoother and see a significant increase in sales, product configurators are integral for businesses in this industry. You'll be able to keep customers regularly happy. You can also encourage them to purchase quicker while simplifying the sales process for your sales teams. To get a product configurator for your modular construction company, get in touch with us today. Find out what we can do for you.