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Lovesac: The Ultimate Magento Configurator

What is the biggest challenge facing your Magento store?
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Why Your eCommerce Store Needs a 3D Product Customizer

Do you run an eCommerce store? Are you looking for a unique way to increase customer engagement and overall sales? You might want to consider investing in a 3D product customizer. A 3D product customizer is an interactive tool that allows customers to view your products in 3D from any direction, while allowing them to change details of the product, such as color, texture, font, size, etc., in a way that is unique to them. Here, we break down the overall benefits that this customization tool can have for your business.
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What is a Web-Based Product Configurator?

Every business that deals in tangible products can’t afford not to give potential customers an up-close look at what they’re selling. Today, more than ever, people are doing most, if not all, of their shopping online and they’ve come to expect a digital experience that shows them what they’re buying. A web-based product configurator makes that possible. But what is a web-based product configurator, exactly?
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Turning Tables: Online Furniture Configurators and Augmented Reality

Furniture and homeware sellers were some of the first businesses to introduce customization at scale, albeit in pretty basic ways. Modular furniture or the ability to add predefined components to items like closets or kitchen furniture gave shoppers some autonomy in the design process.
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Salesforce eCommerce Integration: Managing 3D Visuals Across Clouds

As customers walk into a retail store, they tend to hold products, see them from various angles, and try them out (depending on the category). When it comes to eCommerce, businesses usually rely on product images to sell, but that doesn’t go far enough to address today’s customer expectations. The good news is that you have options with Salesforce eCommerce integrations. 
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4 Industries Using 3D Visuals to Boost Sales (+ Video Examples)

For many product salespeople, the pandemic has put a hard stop to on-site, face-to-face selling. Even as businesses begin to reopen and return to old processes, sales leaders should be aware of a powerful remote alternative that unlocks new selling opportunities: virtual sales through 3D content. A 3D product configurator equips salespeople with a powerful visualization tool that can often illustrate more than the actual product ever could.
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How to Boost Building Materials Sales with 3D and AR

  Public health efforts led to business closures around the country from March through May. By mid-May, though, most states had declared construction and building materials businesses essential, meaning they could once again operate, though often with modified practices.
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5 Things Furniture Sellers Can Do to Drive More Sales During COVID-19

It’s a furniture seller’s market right now. Furniture sales are skyrocketing amid COVID-19 lockdowns, even more than they normally do every Black Friday.
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How Threekit Enables Remote Work & Virtual Selling

Even in the age of Amazon, a lot of business sales processes still rely on in-person visits, consultations, and demos. Or at least, they did up until a worldwide pandemic brought business travel to a screeching halt last month and left most sales teams working from home.
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