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Interactive 3D: Know When You're Ready, Know What to Do

Interactive 3D uses WebGL technology to render 3D images of products that shoppers can interact with – think spin, turn and zoom in. These capabilities are impactful in eCommerce: research shows that the ability to interact with product imagery boosts customer trust. Importantly, the ability to manipulate images is three times more effective at building trust than the ability to change an item’s color. Given the promise of this technology and its ability to deliver better customer experience, this guide explores why a business should pursue it and provides simple steps get there. 
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3D Product Configuration is Here to Stay

E-Commerce of the Past  Do you remember what it was like to use the internet 20 years ago? We sure do. You would boot up your machine, open AOL, and then sit back and spin a few times in the swivel chair, all while the dusty modem revs up and transforms a dial tone into that robotic clang that tells you that you’re finally in. What is even more painful is remembering what e-commerce pages looked like 20 years ago - at this point it feels a bit like digging through archaeological ruins.  
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CPQ gets a facelift with 3D visualization

  Updated April 9th, 2019 I’ve lived in the world of B2B Digital Commerce for close to a decade—and the team around me for longer than that. It’s long been established that the right sales tools can be an extremely powerful ROI producer when used in the quoting stage of the buying process.  
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