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How Visual CPQ Powers B2B Sales

Salesforce’s Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software streamlines B2B sales by making it easy to model deal scenarios and quickly provide leads with accurate quotes. Now this platform has a visual component that makes the whole process run even smoother: CPQ visualization software.
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Selling Contract Furniture in Our Increasingly Digital World

While contract furniture buyers – from restaurants to offices to airports – have adopted increasingly digitized operations in recent years, the process of buying contract furniture often remains fairly analog.
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How to Digitize Your Product Imagery

With much of the country (and world) staying at home for the foreseeable future, retailers of all kinds are grappling with a new normal. One central tenet is that ecommerce has, for now, replaced brick-and-mortar for most buying scenarios.
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How 3D Configuration is Shaping Digital Commerce

What do helmets, couches, and watches all have in common? Not much, except that all are part of the explosive  digital commerce trend, online 3D product configuration. While the manufacturers of these products are leading the way, most products will inevitably be sold this way before long. In fact, most customers will come to expect it as a natural part of their e-commerce experience. While selecting colors and textures has been a mainstay of product customization for quite some time, the new trend is to offer customers hundreds of options so that they can see their specific come to life in intricate, exquisite detail.
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