Modarri: A Playful Take on 3D Configurators for Toys

Every business can benefit from an interactive visual experience. A 3D configurator for toys can even boost traffic and sales in that category. During the pandemic, we’ve learned to set visits to the store on the back burner but in the process we’ve come to seek fun online more than ever before. That behavior isn’t likely to change after the pandemic subsides. Nearly all of our online shopping habits have been changed and they’re likely to stay that way for the foreseeable future. Of course, home delivery has skyrocketed so it’s only natural that we and our children will want to find the perfect toys online and have them shipped to our doorsteps.


Modarri car customizer


We still crave a try-before-you-buy experience when considering our toy options and technology has begun to catch up. With 3D configurators, online toy shoppers get as close of a look at their toy options as possible without being able to hit the store. Unlike most other categories, the toy business also requires a playful element as their primary demographic is especially--well, playful. And of course, interactivity is essential, as that’s as much of what a toy manufacturer is selling as the visual appeal.

Toy cars have been a staple at toy stores for as long as any of us can remember, but one toy car manufacturer is owning the 3D configurator space. Modarri is a company based in Santa Cruz, CA and they’ve combined the love of toy cars with a passion for modifications, which makes them a perfect candidate for a highly visual, highly customizable online shopping experience. In other words, a perfect candidate for a 3D configurator and product customizer for toys. Let’s take a look at what kids, parents, and toy car enthusiasts of all stripes encounter when they build their own Modarri model online.



Start Your Engines

Modarri Toy Car online configurator

Users are first greeted with a sleek, modern design showcasing the base Modarri model. Notice the drop shadow--a product customizer experience like this deserves the most detailed visuals possible and clearly the virtual photographers on this project went above and beyond to create just that.

At this stage, and throughout, users can interact with the model by dragging their mouse for a 360-degree product viewer that shows it from every angle, or scrolling to activate the zoom feature for an up-close look at the finer details.

The four icons on the lower left represent layers in the model:






Choosing Layers

Modarri Toy Car online configurator

Here’s a closer look at one of the four layers available for customization--the hood. As you see on the bottom of the screen, users can choose from a wide range of hood colors and styles. And they always have a “Back” button to take them back to the previous step.

Also, remember the detailed shadows from earlier? For this project, the virtual photographer even went as far as designed highly detailed reflections to create a showroom effect that’s unbelievably true to life.  


A Visual Feast

Modarri car customizer

In the upper right-hand corner, you’ll notice three icons that help users return to the original stage if they choose to start over at any point in their journey. Directly beneath that icon cluster is a photo grab button so they can save or share, a landscape option so they can place their model in a detailed setting as seen above, and a layer option to see every option they’ve chosen thus far in their customization journey as you can see below.

Modarri Toy Car online configurator



The Finishing Touches

Modarri Toy Car online configurator

Just before finishing your car, Modarri gives the option of naming it. That’s about as customizable as an online shopping experience gets. Buying toys should be as fun as playing with then, which is why Modarri also continues the playful tone they’ve established when customers have finished their car as you’ll see below. With this personalized flair, Modarri has created an emotionally compelling customer experience that boosts sales and is incredibly shareable to boot.Modarri Toy Car online configurator



The Takeaway

The toy business may be all about play, but it needs to take eCommerce as seriously as every category. The Modarri 3D configurator for toys is more than an impressive example. It’s the new standard for toy manufacturers.

The experienced team at Threekit helped Modarri build their 3D configurator and they’ve done the same for brands in nearly every category. They’re leading the charge in guiding eCommerce businesses toward the new visual experiences customers have come to expect, and they’re uniquely qualified to hold that position. WIth roots in Hollywood 3D and CGI effects, Threekit has held a high standard for visuals since long before the online world of business took notice. Their virtual photographers work closely with clients to ensure they’re creating precisely what’s right for their unique needs. And they partner with some of the world’s leading digital marketing agencies to create the best possible experiences out there. If you’re ready to make shopping for your toys as fun as could be, get in touch today for a consultation or demo.