How a Room Builder in Your SAP Product Configurator Boosts Cart Value

Homeowners renovating their living room and buying furniture through a product customizer

If you are taking advantage of an SAP product configurator, you already know its impressive benefits. But while it can provide consumers access to extensive visual data, the configurator can't always offer the full picture. That's where our room builder comes in.

A room builder integration allows you to partner with interior design tools like Floorplanner and Modsy to add 3D visuals created by the configurator into a real-life environment. It's a must-have tool for the ecommerce home and furniture industry players who are looking for a creative way to increase cart value.

Let's take a closer look at how seamless integration of room builder functionality into your SAP product configurator can boost your company's revenue.

What Is a Room Builder?

Room builder software allows you to get a full picture of an entire room with furniture, fixtures and other items in it. When a consumer chooses furniture for the room, it may be hard to visualize how several products look together.

With extensive product configuration options available through an SAP product configurator, it's easy to design a single item. Meanwhile, seeing how several of these items look together gives consumers an opportunity to create a unique environment for their homes.

To go even further, by using augmented reality, a buyer can see how a new configured product will look in their existing room.

Overall, a room builder integration allows your customers to configure entire spaces in addition to customizing each product separately. Explore these seven ways it can boost cart value for your store.

1. High Cross-Selling Potential

When the consumer is creating a room with the room builder tool, cross-selling tactics are at their most appealing. While they are adjusting sofa product features, they may be willing to buy a coffee table or a lamp to go with it.

You can make suggestions to the consumer as they are building the product and make it easy to purchase any add-on they choose.

Besides cross-selling other products, you can use the room builder to make design suggestions. By offering a template, you can help the consumer make choices about revamping the entire space.

2. Larger Order Value

While your SAP product configurator makes it easier to design complex products, you are only selling one item at a time. A room builder allows you to increase the sales order by showing the consumer a variety of options for their space.

When customers use a room builder to add furniture to their home, they can see what else they need. This can inspire buyers to make larger orders, thus increasing the cart value substantially.

A consumer who is looking to revamp the entire space or furnish a new home is likely to appreciate an opportunity to see the big picture.

3. Better Offers

Room builder integration in your SAP product configurator creates an excellent opportunity to make better offers to your customers. Instead of focusing on individual product customization and sales, you can sell packages.

As the consumer is building the dream room, you can drive them down the sales funnel by offering deals and adjusting pricing on furniture sets. The more items the customer adds to the cart, the better the deal they may expect to get.

This approach creates a variety of marketing opportunities that are likely to attract buyers with high CLV (Customer Lifetime Value).

4. Lower Cart Abandonment Rate

The home and furniture industry suffers from one of the highest cart abandonment rates — over 75%. Many consumers abandon their carts because they "plan to buy later" or don't get sufficient customer support.

With room builder functionality in your SAP ERP configurator, consumers can build their perfect space without any outside assistance. This doesn't just reduce the burden on your sales team but also cuts down on the need for continuous support.

As a result, consumers are more likely to finish the purchase. After all, their dream space is right in front of them.  

5. Fewer Returns

Man customizing a furniture set through a product customizer with room builder technology

Returns have a significant effect on your cart value, especially when they are unexpected. When your consumers have access to an SAP product configurator, the number of returns goes down dramatically.

Since a variant configurator allows the customer to create an ideal product and see it in 3D or augmented reality, returns are highly unlikely.

A room builder helps the buyer process the whole picture, thus making "didn't match my room design" returns obsolete.

6. Upselling Opportunities

When you are offering configurable products, you can take advantage of impressive upselling opportunities. While a consumer uses variant configuration to create a perfect item, you can make useful upselling suggestions.

When it comes to room builder functionality, the upselling opportunities become even better. To help the consumer create the space of their dreams, you can make improvement suggestions for the entire furniture package.

7. Enhanced User Experience

Product configuration contributes to an extremely personalized user experience. Besides being fun, customization is highly convenient. A room builder integration into your SAP product configurator kicks this convenience up a notch.

Today, 20% of customers are willing to pay a 20% premium for personalized services. That's why consumers are more likely to choose an e-store that offers an immersive space optimization experience over a website that sells single generic products.

By improving user experience and adding personalization, you can attract a new audience. You can also drive existing customers down the sales funnel again.

Capitalize on Room Builder Integration With Threekit

Using a room builder is an excellent way to boost your cart value, improve customer experience and enhance your company's bottom line.

At Threekit, we offer easy room builder integration into your SAP product configurator so your consumers can take advantage of top in-bulk customization opportunities. From reliable product configurators to augmented reality and 3D views, our all-in-one platform can turn your e-store into an industry leader.

Would you like to learn more about room builder functionality and product configurators? Contact our team at any convenient time.