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Should you use the OBJ 3D file format?

What is the OBJ 3D file format? The Wavefront OBJ format is the most widely adopted 3D model storage format. The file format name, OBJ, is in reference to its purpose of storing 3D OBJects. The OBJ format was originally the native file format for the 1980s era Advanced Visualizer 3D modeling package. Advanced Visualizer 3D is now obsolete, but some of its code was incorporated into its successor, the Maya 3D editing suite. In addition to just the OBJ geometry format, it has a sister format called MAT, which is used for material definitions.
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The State of AR on the Web

What is the state of augmented reality (AR) on the web in 2019? Well, it is a complex story for now because the underlying technology for AR on the web is not yet mature.
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glTF: Everything You Need to Know!

There is a new rich 3D model format in town, glTF, and it has been rising in prominence.  This article will tell you everything you need to know about glTF including what it is, why it was developed, and who is using it.
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