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The Ultimate Guide to Visual Product Configurators

  Have you ever ordered something online that didn’t live up to the photographs? That sinking feeling—buyer’s remorse—is something consumers go to great lengths to avoid. And that pain avoidance almost certainly contributes to the fact that Americans only end up buying 58% of the items they add to their online shopping carts each year.
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How to Find the Right 3D Product Visualization for Your Product

There are plenty of reasons to improve your product visuals, but with all the options available on the market today, it may be difficult to determine what the right solution is to meet your needs.
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The Green Promise of Visual Product Configuration Software

Returns are a serious problem in eCommerce. They cost retailers about 10 percent of their overall sales, and they’re increasingly something customers want to be free and easy. But the real cost of returns goes far beyond how they affect eCommerce retailers’ bottom lines.
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Furniture brands: If you’re not doing these 4 things, you’re probably losing money

It's said that furniture is one of the hardest things to shop for because of all the considerations—size, finish, colorway, durability…the list goes on. That’s why furniture retailers have to provide the best shopping experience possible, or risk losing out. These 4 tips ensure furniture brands will stay on top of their game.
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Should You Use the USD and USDZ 3D File Formats?

If you're wondering whether you should use the USD, USDZ and USDA 3D file formats, the answer is: "It depends on what you are using it for." There are pros and cons to consider. 
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