3D Configurator for Commercial Bathrooms

A 3D product configurator can take your commercial bath business to the next level by improving customer engagement and satisfaction, reducing manufacturing costs and making product cycles more efficient.

Key Takeaways

  • Incorporating innovative visual solutions engages customers in your product and increases their sense of confidence in buying.
  • Customization options offer a sense of ownership to the customer by allowing them to ensure the product meets their unique needs.
  • Efficient order processing systems streamline operations, shortening manufacturing and delivery time and improving customer satisfaction.

Threekit product configurator example of sink vendor

User-Driven Design Made Easy

For commercial bathroom fixture and materials sellers, drawing business can be difficult and generally requires a lot of time to establish relationships, cost to manufacture samples to meet customization requests and effort to convey to a potential customer how you can create their design.

In fact, studies indicate that sales teams spend only 34% of their time actually selling product. They spend the remainder of their time generating quotes, tailoring customization, seeking approvals on custom pricing and facilitating the transaction. 

What if one visual commerce platform could change all that, saving you time and money as well as drawing in and engaging customers?

With Threekit, you can enable building contractors and architects to configure their own commercial bathroom stations, rather than relying on salespeople.

This means you can also:

  • Provide room and sink set up ideas in Virtual Photography lifestyle scenes to inspire them.
  • Supply full 3D configuration ability for sink, cabinet and faucet lines in a custom environment, build to scale with Threekit Spaces.
  • Support their needs by connecting their configuration directly to a personal design consultant in real time.
  • Generate a PDF spec sheet with full BOM and CAD files when you submit a bid to the customer.

Their custom-designed project is easily saved for future reference and use as needed, by them or by your support and fulfillment teams.

Sink Configurator

Let Clients Build Their Own Bathroom

Save time and cost, as well as ensuring the client understands exactly what they're paying for, with a 3D product configurator.

Able to seamlessly integrate with your ecommerce platform, this advanced visual commerce tool connects with your digital catalog and leverages AI and your rules-set to offer customization options for chosen products.

This engages customers by providing an interactive experience, and boosts confidence in buying. 

Happy tap faucet configuratorIn Threekit, 3D digital assets are stored as individual product, material and scene files, enabling you to swap configuration options in and out of your catalog as needed.

Changes in product options, SKUs and price take moments, not days, offering an enhanced flexibility to adapt to market changes and material supply chain shifts.

Within the product configurator, customers can view their bathroom design from every angle, rotating and zooming in on individual products. As they select different configuration options, such as color, material and size, these changes and any related price adjustments are reflected in real-time. 

And the system can handle complex configurations, including nested and parametric options, so that even the most detailed custom orders are processed with precision.

A shorter lead time means the customer gets the product faster, increasing satisfaction and the likelihood of repeat business.

Submit a Bid Quickly and Easily

When shoppers confirm their design is correct, they can generate the exact specifications automatically through the Request a Quote function, reducing human error and providing an instant bid that includes CAD files, assembly instructions, cut patterns and a bill of materials. 

Customers have full transparency and all items needed to analyze and compare your bid to any others they receive. When they decide to purchase through you, simply pull up their saved design and send those automated post-purchase outputs directly to the manufacturing floor.

Users report custom product quote generation being 10 times faster, a 95% reduction in approval time and 30% faster training for new members of sales teams. 

Remodeled bathroom with fixtures designed in a visual configurator

Tools That Scale

Threekit seamlessly integrates with ecommerce tools like Salesforce, Magento, BigCommerce, commercetools, SAP, Shopify and WooCommerce. This supports responsiveness to changes in market supply and demand, as well as providing a seamless user experience on your site.

The included smooth integration with business software such as PIM, ERM, ECP, DAM and other CPQ tools is crucial for supporting omnichannel selling, a necessity in today's diverse market landscape. No matter where your business goes or how quickly it grows, Threekit scales with it, providing a foundation of optimal visualization possibilities.

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