Preparing for 3D Visual Configuration Success

Implementing 3D visual configuration can transform your customer experience and streamline operations. However, without proper preparation, you may not realize the full benefits. Here are a few key ways to set your organization up for success before launching your 3D configurator.

Get Buy-In at All Levels

Make sure key stakeholders understand the value of 3D visual configuration and are committed for the long-term. Communicate how it can increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, and streamline manufacturing. Getting leadership on board is crucial, but make sure frontline teams understand their role and how they will benefit as well.


Clean Up Your Data

No organization has perfect data. Take the time to consolidate customer, product, pricing, and other data into reliable centralized sources before integrating them into your 3D configurator. Clean accurate data ensures customers get a seamless experience.

Set Clear Visual Standards

Determine the look and feel you want for your configurator early on. Consider aspects like lighting, shadows, product views, customization options, and how you want customers to interact with products virtually. Setting visual standards upfront allows you to communicate expectations clearly to your solution provider.

Map Operational Impacts

Consider what business systems, manufacturing processes, order management workflows, and delivery operations will need to connect with your 3D configurator. Identifying impacts early gives you time for integration planning so you can maximize efficiency gains.

With the right prep work, you can ensure your 3D visual configuration initiative transforms the customer experience while creating operational efficiencies. Reach out for a demo to see Threekit in action today!