3D Configurator for Custom Apparel

The 3D configurator for custom apparel offers a revolutionary, customer-centric approach to shopping. It gives businesses an easy, plug-and-play approach to creating customization options, AI-powered product image generation and cohesive asset management. For shoppers, it's an engaging, interactive experience where they can tailor your garments for their unique fit and style, seeing their changes in real-time.

Key Takeaways

  • Customization through a user-friendly interface increases likelihood of conversions, adds perceived value and provides apparel business with user behavior insights to leverage for future products.
  • Product customization increases buyer confidence—shoppers are 60% more likely to buy a product they've customized.
  • Consumers are willing to pay 20% more for products they can personalize to suit their unique needs.
  • High-quality, interactive visuals boost the likelihood of conversion and align customer expectation—reducing the likelihood of product returns.
  • A 3D configurator enhances business operations and decreases cost by ensuring a greater degree of manufacturing accuracy, speeding production time and providing the agility to adapt to market changes.


Enhancing the Shopping Experience

Threekit's composable platform combines cutting-edge visual technology with robust CPQ management, allowing you to leverage your existing tech stack in a way that engages more shoppers and sells more product.

Hi-Res, Interactive Images Increase Shopper Confidence

By offering interactive 3D visualizations, businesses have seen as much as a 40% increase in conversions. As visual creatures, humans gather more information about an item from visually exploring it than reading about it or seeing a static, 2D image. 

According to studies, 82% of visitors on product pages will activate a 3D view if one is available.

With Threekit's advanced visual engine, you can apply and swap unlimited materials and textures to drapable assets and show them at the highest resolution. The platform also mimics real-life lighting changes as shoppers view different angles.

This gives shoppers a realistic expectation of the garment weight, texture and movement, providing tangible information about how it will look on them, without requiring them to try it on.

And with the ability to create these dynamic 3D renders from a few design files, there's no need for costly sample manufacturing, photographing and warehousing. You can sell apparel you haven't even made yet.

This also opens up additional features, like Virtual Photographer, which generates thousands of photorealistic 2D images in seconds, replacing the time-consuming traditional lifestyle photoshoot. 


User-Friendly Customization Boosts Engagement

Shoppers love a personalized buying experience and the ability to create an item unique to their needs. This is especially true in the apparel industry, where each product is a personal statement.

According to a study by Epsilon, 80% of consumers are more likely to do business with a company that offers personalized experiences.

The 3D product configurator integrates seamlessly with your ecommerce site, empowering consumers to customize clothes at the click of a button. The potential for configuration is virtually limitless: fabric, color, closure, fit, sleeve and length are among some of the aspects that can be set as customizable.

As they make selections, shoppers see their changes, and any associated changes in price, reflected in real-time. They can fully interact with these 3D images, zooming in and out, rotating the item to see it from every angle and more.

By allowing shoppers to view their custom configurations from every angle, they can make informed decisions with confidence, knowing exactly what they're purchasing.

Shopper confidence is further bolstered by the ability to visualize products in real environments, ensuring the perfect fit and coverage. This level of interactivity reduces the uncertainty that often accompanies online purchases.

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Personal configuration is also a high-margin upsell opportunity, because consumers are willing to pay extra for products that are unique and tailored to their needs. With the manufacturing capability already there, there's very little or zero marginal cost to offer these add-ons.  

Personalized products also have a lower value in the secondary market. This means that consumers are less likely to be able to re-sell their products, making them more likely to buy new. This can be especially beneficial for luxury brands, as it encourages consumers to purchase new products directly from the brand.

By leveraging this advanced technology, you can easily adapt to customer demands, offering a wide range of customization options without compromising on delivery times. Analyze the customer trends to determine future innovation, decreasing time in the product design cycle.


Headless Architecture Makes Backend Management Easy

With the digital asset management workflow, you can easily create, manage, add to and distribute configurable product images and data wherever you need it, like your ecommerce store, retailers and distributors.

In addition to enable a digital catalog that's easy to configure and manage, this provides a cohesive, consistent visual brand experience across all marketing channels.

And associating pricing data with individual catalog items means prices update automatically as shoppers configure products. 

This agility in managing your digital catalog means you can adapt to market and material changes in moments. 

Included features such as automated order processing and automated order outputs ensure order accuracy and speed up the manufacturing workflow. This contributes to customer satisfaction and the likelihood or repeat business.


Come explore how our 3D product configurator can take your apparel business to the next level, or read about our happy clients.