Using a 3D Configurator to Boost Cabinet Sales

By providing an interactive, visual experience of personalized customization, businesses can enhance customer satisfaction  and boost sales. 

Key Takeaways

  • 3D configurators enable the customer to prioritize their specific needs, from storage to style to accessibility, and show those changes in real-time.
  • Threekit Spaces enables shoppers to ensure your cabinets fit their space and aesthetic, as well as increasing cross-selling opportunities.
  • A user-friendly interface, including drag-and-drop functionality, increases the likelihood of conversion and repeat business.
  • Automatic creation of manufacturing outputs such as a bill-of-materials, assembly instructions, CAD files and cut patterns, creates a more efficient production process with fewer errors.


Increasing Engagement with Customization

Advanced Configuration for Infinite Possibilities

80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand that provides personalized experiences. Yet traditional cabinet selling doesn't offer this option. 

Take advantage of this gap by integrating a 3D configurator into your ecommerce site. This tool enables shoppers to select cabinet size, material, color, finish and layout, showing their selections in real-time with an interactive 3D rendering.

In addition, changes to price based on chosen configuration options are shown in real-time, providing a transparency that encourages consumer trust in the business. 

Clients have reported that using Threekit resulted in a:

  • 50% increase in average order value
  • 42% boost in conversions
  • 30% increase in quote requests for manufacturers

With nested and parametric configuration capabilities, shoppers are able to customize your cabinets in a near-endless variety of ways. This ability to prioritize their specific needs easily boosts customer satisfaction and increases the likelihood of repeat business.

Not only does shopper-driven cabinet configurability increase the likelihood of online sales, it can significantly boost average order size through upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

In fact, customers are willing to pay up to 20% more for items they can make unique to their needs.

And with digital customization, you move to more of a manufacturing-on-demand model, saving on the cost of creating, photographing, and stocking cabinet floor models.


Interactive Product Visualizations to Elevate Confidence

Humans are visual creatures. A recent study found that three days after seeing a product, people are likely to remember only 10% of its textual information but a whopping 65% of visualization content.

Providing high-quality, interactive images of your products engages consumers and relays more information about an item than a descriptive paragraph can.

Additionally, the ability to visualize products in 3D before making a purchase decision significantly boosts consumer confidence and satisfaction, giving them a better concept of scale, texture and color than a static 2D image does. 

With interactive 3D visuals, shoppers can interact with their cabinet as they customize it—zooming in to see the craftsmanship, rotating it to better understand the shape and footprint and "exploding" it to see what elements are part of the build.

This better-than-in-store ability to thoroughly examine a customized product before purchase significantly reduces instances of product return due to customer mismatch of expectation.

Plus, the time and cognitive energy spent creating and inspecting their ideal cabinet creates a sense of ownership of the item, increasing the likelihood of purchase and boosting personal connection with the brand.

Intuitive Room Planner to Ensure Fit

With their configuration complete, shoppers have one unknown left before they commit to purchase: fit.

Threekit Spaces is an intuitive room builder that easily enables the shopper to draw the dimensions of their room and populate it with common objects. They can then drag-and-drop their cabinet into the space, arranging it as needed.

The room is then rendered as a 3D space, allowing them to accurately visualize the footprint and aesthetic configuration of their cabinet in the room.

With accuracy down to the inch, customers can be certain their cabinet will fit where they want it. 

Seeing their space with the cabinet offers cross-sell and upsell opportunities, as cabinet sellers can provide stylistically complementary items to fill other needs within their space.

Threekit Spaces

Automation for More Efficient Workflows

To ensure absolute accuracy, orders are automatically generated and sent to manufacturing along with a bill-of-materials, CAD files, cut patterns and assembly instructions. .

Order processing is also automated, reducing the time between order placement and production commencement. This streamlines the entire sales cycle, as well as increasing customer satisfaction.

Threekit integrates with a variety of ecommerce platforms and business tools, including PIM, DAM, ERP, CPQ and more. And the codeless rules engine makes it intuitive for users to manage.

It's fully scalable, including an asset management library that enables storage of background scenes, models, materials and images as separate files. This enables wide-scale repurposing of assets across all customer touchpoints and allowing the flexibility to adapt to market changes with just a few clicks.

With customization data captured at every purchase, analytics tools can be employed to determine trends and opportunities for innovation. This reduces time-to-market and supports collaboration between creation, production, and sales teams.


Threekit offers a comprehensive product support library, active developer community and 24/7 global support, so that any platform needs you have will be addressed quickly and fully. Schedule a free demo today to see how our 3D product configurator can increase your cabinet sales.