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We Guarantee You Can Beat Amazon in this One Critical Area

There are no second thoughts regarding how we are ruled by what we are able to see. Visual experiences guide every decision and judgment we make. In fact, statistics suggest that 90% of everything that we process is visual. Moreover, people tend to respond faster to visuals than text.
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The ROI of Virtual Photography

In the era of COVID-19, photo shoots are canceled and retailers are searching for remote alternatives to in-studio production.
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Why Your Brand Must Go All-In on eCommerce and How to Do It Right

For the past several years, it was clear that e-commerce was the inevitable destination for every brand that sells anything online. However, the events of the past few months have accelerated the pace of e-commerce adoption for businesses in every industry.
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Virtual Photoshoots: No Camera, No Problem

 For this post, we’re “breaking the fourth wall” to write candidly about what we’re hearing directly from customers and prospects during the past several weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Introducing the Threekit Virtual Shopping Index

Our Virtual Shopping Index is our ongoing effort to monitor the COVID-19 crisis and its impact on commerce.
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Nail your eCommerce Product Images with this Strategy (+ 17 These Fail-proof Tips)

Images play a huge role in the success of an eCommerce website. They can impact conversion rates, return rates, and even the number of people who actually see your merchandise . Obviously, with so much at stake, it’s important to get your eCommerce images exactly right – which means you have to master not just product photography but also planning and some post-shoot optimization. Here, we lay out a can’t-lose strategy to ensure your eCommerce images are up to the task of boosting your conversion rate, lowering your return rate, and improving the overall experience of customers who visit your site.
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The Ultimate eCommerce Product Image Guide for 2020

It’s hard to overstate the importance of visual content on an eCommerce website. It feels like “product imagery” includes more advanced formats like video, interactive 3D and augmented reality and has to do the work that was once done by physical products themselves: helping shoppers make a decision about whether or not to buy what you’re selling.
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How to Reduce eCommerce Returns

As part of our Visuals Make a Difference launch, we’re taking a close look at the problem of eCommerce returns and what retailers and shoppers can do to prevent them. Guide: Part 1: 6 Tips Guaranteed to Cut Return Rates for Retailers Part 2: 7 Easy Ways YOU (the online shopper) Cut Back on Product Returns
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The Green Promise of Visual Configuration Software

Returns are a serious problem in eCommerce. They cost retailers about 10 percent of their overall sales, and they’re increasingly something customers want to be free and easy. But the real cost of returns goes far beyond how they affect eCommerce retailers’ bottom lines.
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