Inspiring Your Dealers and Distributors with Visual Commerce

Building products are highly configurable and complex. As Marc Uible explained in a recent webinar, visually showcasing options is key for manufacturers. This allows architects, builders, and consumers to better understand products and make confident purchasing decisions. 

Dealers and Salespeople Are Your Frontline

Over 99% of building product manufacturers sell through third party dealers, distributors, and showrooms. The salespeople at these locations decide what to showcase and recommend. If your product catalogs and sell sheets aren't inspiring, salespeople will suggest competitor options. 

Using visual configurators gives salespeople an interactive and exciting way to demonstrate what you offer. This builds brand preference at the moment of decision, influencing the buyer to choose you.

Meet Customer Expectations 

Today's buyers, even in B2B scenarios, expect rich digital experiences. A catalog PDF doesn't adequately showcase all the customization and quality you provide.  

Visualization helps buyers understand why your premium pricing is justified. As Marc said, "Guide them. People don't read today."

Create Seamless Omnichannel Journeys

When customers research online then purchase in-store, inconsistencies create frustration. Visual configurators that integrate with your product data and rules provide accurate options at every touchpoint.


This omni-channel experience - with seamless transitions between digital and physical - makes customers more confident in choosing you.

Building inspirational customer experiences is no longer a nice-to-have. As Marc and his colleague Mark demonstrated, visual configuration creates salesperson enthusiasm and buyer loyalty. This should be a priority for manufacturers in 2023.

What questions do you still have on getting started with visual commerce? Let's chat!