Achieving Efficiency Gains Outside of AI

Ben Houston, our Founder and CTO, shares insights into how ThreeKit is driving greater efficiency through various innovative methods. These approaches extend beyond the realm of AI technology and are making a significant impact.

Streamlined Material Models

By consolidating our material models for high-quality still images, real-time 3D, and augmented reality into a single, unified model, we have realized massive cost savings. Our customers are rapidly adopting this new approach, appreciating the efficiency and consistency it brings to their projects.

Optimized CAD Configuration

For our engineered-to-order customers requiring detailed CAD diagrams and models, we are exploring more efficient ways to generate these assets through optimized native CAD configuration. This area shows tremendous potential for expansion, with significant efficiency gains on the horizon.


Composable Front-End

One of our biggest innovations has been the development of a composable front-end to replace our monolithic legacy player. This new approach provides modular, Lego-like components that can be mixed and matched depending on client needs. The benefits include faster implementation, improved loading times, and quicker iteration as new features can be added independently.

Leveraging methods like consolidated platforms, optimized workflows, and modular software architecture demonstrates how creativity and innovation in areas beyond just AI can compound efficiency gains for businesses. As Ben summarized, “This is really coming to the forefront here.”