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Deana is a Marketing Manager at ThreeKit. As a member of the Marketing team, she oversees website management, content creation, event strategy and operations.
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3D and AR Product Visualization for Kitchen and Bath

eCommerce for kitchen and bath products particularly shows a very small percentage of sales due to the lack of information a number of online retailers offer. The information that they provide is just limited to a picture, which does not satisfy a customer since they are spending a good amount of money to purchase these things. Therefore, they cannot finalize a purchase until and unless they see how it would appear in reality.
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Top Innovation Trends in Retail that are Transforming the Way We Shop

It’s becoming harder to compete as the innovation gap of companies that are thriving online and those that are not continues to divide every year. The past decade has seen unprecedented innovation in eComm that is not only changing the way consumers shop, but what customers expect out of the shopping experience. With companies offering same-day shipping, try-it-before-you-buy programs, and personalized stylists, eComm leaders have an intimate understanding that it’s the customer’s experience that separates those that will just survive from those who will thrive in the future.
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Five Awesome Things We Love About Crate & Barrel eCommerce Experience

Consumers are staying at home more than ever before, and many are looking for ways to improve their environment -- in this case, their homes. One of the easiest ways to make home improvements is to add new furniture. Adding just a few new pieces can help a space feel "new".
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Product Visuals for Magento with Threekit

Magento is one of the leading eCommerce platforms available today. Many brands and retailers depend on Magento to run their eCommerce storefronts. 
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8 eCommerce Pros Share Their Product Photography Secrets

If you’re selling online, your product images have a huge impact on your company’s overall performance. And while there’s plenty of information online about product photography techniques, lighting tips, equipment, costs, and more, what we didn’t see was a guide that broke down various product photography techniques by looking at real-life examples.
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4 Key Takeaways from Oracle Modern CX

Threekit was a sponsor at Oracle Modern CX last week. Not only was our team excited to get out Chicago and spend time in Las Vegas, but we were also excited to spend time with the inspiring people at Oracle Modern CX. While at the event we heard from impactful speakers like Mark Hurd and Magic Johnson and got the opportunity to hear from Oracle about the future of technology. Here are our takeaways:
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What We Learned at Shoptalk 2019!

This week our team was in Las Vegas for the annual Shoptalk event. We met with thousands of retail leaders, industry experts, analysts, partners, and technologists. We attended fantastic sessions and loved meeting face-to-face with prospects and partners at the round table discussions. Most importantly, we learned what’s trending from the industry leaders: 
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See You at Shoptalk!

Threekit is a sponsor at Shoptalk 2019 next week in Las Vegas and we can’t wait to see what Shoptalk is all about! As we are getting ready for the big event, we spent some time thinking about what gets our team so excited to attend events like Shoptalk. Here is what we came up with!
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Here’s What You Missed at NRF 2019

This week, we joined over 30,000 retail industry leaders in New York City for 3 days of learning and networking at NRF 2019. For the Threekit team, it was our first year sponsoring NRF—and we’re already counting down the days until NRF 2020.
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