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Deana is a Marketing Manager at ThreeKit. As a member of the Marketing team, she oversees website management, content creation, event strategy and operations.
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Top 5 Product Photography Tips for Small Business Owners

Small business owners are resilient. They’re jugglers. They’re often a one-man or woman show. However, while they may have sound business judgement and incredible passion, they cannot possibly be experts at everything. 
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Guidelines for Taking Aesthetic Product Image Photography

  eCommerce is more competitive than ever, and how you present your product to your visitors can have a significant impact on sales. So, when it comes to product photography for eCommerce, you’ll want to do your best in putting your best foot—er, photo—forward.
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3 Ways Online 3D Product Configurators Green the Product Lifecycle

eCommerce is badly in need of a green makeover. Online retailers have long been searching for ways to decrease waste and reduce carbon emissions in their operations, and COVID-19 has only made the situation worse. From the burden of product returns to demand miscalculations and manufacturing surpluses, eCommerce churns out far too much waste, and retailers need to do something about it.
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10 Brands Using Online Product Configurators to Boost Sales

Giving shoppers the opportunity to customize purchases in real-time used to be an added benefit. The seismic shift in how people are shopping in 2020 - increased demand coupled with an enormous drop in physical footfall - means that customers now need, and will increasingly grow to expect, the ability to choose, customize, and personalize their items online before proceeding to checkout. 
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4 Ways to Reduce eCommerce Returns During COVID-19

Last December, we made a commitment to help decrease product returns and challenged online retailers to take serious steps toward reducing their carbon emissions. Back in January, return rates were spiking and were predicted to increase throughout 2020. But then, everything changed in light of the pandemic. Returnly, whose platform managed returns for DTC brands, a 21 percent drop in e-commerce return rates in the weeks following mandated shutdowns across the country.
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3D and AR Product Visualization for Kitchen and Bath

eCommerce for kitchen and bath products particularly shows a very small percentage of sales due to the lack of information a number of online retailers offer. The information that they provide is just limited to a picture, which does not satisfy a customer since they are spending a good amount of money to purchase these things. Therefore, they cannot finalize a purchase until and unless they see how it would appear in reality.
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Top Innovation Trends in Retail That Are Transforming the Way We Shop

It’s becoming harder to compete as the innovation gap of companies that are thriving online and those that are not continues to divide every year. The past decade has seen unprecedented innovation in eComm that is not only changing the way consumers shop, but what customers expect out of the shopping experience. With companies offering same-day shipping, try-it-before-you-buy programs, and personalized stylists, eComm leaders have an intimate understanding that it’s the customer’s experience that separates those that will just survive from those who will thrive in the future. Let's take a look at a few of the top innovation trends in retail transforming the way we shop. 
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Five Awesome Things We Love About Crate & Barrel eCommerce Experience

Consumers are staying at home more than ever before, and many are looking for ways to improve their environment -- in this case, their homes. One of the easiest ways to make home improvements is to add new furniture. Adding just a few new pieces can help a space feel "new".
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Product Visuals for Magento with Threekit

Magento is one of the leading eCommerce platforms available today. Many brands and retailers depend on Magento to run their eCommerce storefronts. 
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