Ask Ash: Threekit Product Updates Fall '19

Ask Ash - Fall 2019 Threekit product updates


We sat down with Threekit product manager Ash Zade to discuss the highlights of our Threekit Fall '19 release. Check out some of Ash's favorite new features:

What’s New?

  1. Our Smart Part Assembly gives you fully-automated control over product parts, positioning, and configuration settings, so you can generate dozens of unique products programmatically.
  2. Your Threekit assets are ready for augmented reality experiences thanks to our newly-minted gLTF and USDZ exporters — AR you as excited as we are?
  3. Migrate your scenes directly into the new Threekit platform without worrying about quality-loss or compatibility issues.

What’s Improved?

  1. Break-ups can be hard, but your 3D artist deserves better. Our asset importer 'explodes' 3D models into individual components (like materials and parts) to make it easy for 3D artists to reuse and reference components across multiple product lines — see it in action below!
  2. Finding Products and Parts is significantly easier now that our asset listing includes pagination, searchability, and organization via tags.
  3. Our Product Data Importer pulls in product, part, and rules data (including metadata, attributes, and values). Upload your JSON file and watch the magic happen!


Improved asset importer

Our improved asset importer extracts the individual materials and parts from a 3D file, making it a breeze to reuse and reference components across your product catalog.



What Else?

For those of you interested in all the details, here is the full list of Fall '19 improvements, updates, and fixes:

  • Asset extract import workflow 
  • Attachment Points Canvas operators
  • AR button visible in the Player
  • Catalog API
  • to ThreeKit
  • Configurator embed with default UI
  • Design and implement new branding
  • gLTF exporter
  • OBJ importing 
  • Paginated asset listing
  • Paginated product listing
  • Photo exporter 
  • Product Data Importer
  • Public Catalog 
  • Public Sharing on Threehub
  • Resumable links
  • Searchable asset listing
  • Searchable products and parts listings
  • Smart Part Assembly 
  • Sortable asset listing
  • Sortable products list
  • Tag filter pages 
  • USDZ importer
  • USDZ exporter

What’s Next?

We’re already prepping our Winter and Spring 2020 releases with some great new features—including some your product manager is going to love!

If you just can’t wait, check out the Customer Success blog for the latest from Threekit.