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Make your custom products simpler to sell by turning product data into amazing visuals. 

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Threekit’s Product Configurator Makes Selling Complex Products Easier

By mapping product data rules and logic to product pieces and variations, Threekit enables real time visual configuration that shows your product as buyers build it. Put this elevated product experience anywhere you sell to drive engagement and conversion. 

Features that Keep Business Humming

Codeless Rules Engine

Product Bundling

Manufacturing Outputs

Order Tracking

Scene, Model, Image, and Material Storage

Materials Library

Why Threekit Product Configuration?

Configuration That Scales

Show every potential product customization, in real time

Threekit combines your product catalog with 3D artistry and functionality so you can show millions or even billions of potential configurations in real time.

Buyer Engagement

Give your buyers ownership of the product 

When shoppers use a product configurator, they are 20% more likely to buy a product. Giving them control of their own product options gets them involved in the configuration process and allows them to make the final product their own.

Team Efficiency

Make your team better while making your product experience better

From 3D asset management to a code-free product catalog for your sales team, Threekit makes it easy to streamline collaboration across teams for a great result.


Supercharge Your Sales with Configuration

Your sales team is not selling the same way today as it did a year ago. With product configurator software from Threekit, you'll always be on the forefront of digital sales.


Features that turn salespeople into superheroes

Guided Selling Functionality

Build the product in real time to build buyer confidence–add features, show details and price as you go.

Sales Automation

Remove tedious processes from your sales cycle. Replace spec sheets with custom product visuals, created and priced in real time. 

Engineering to order

Use equation-driven dimensions to create wholly customizable products in real time.

Manufacturing Outputs

Generate print-ready files, bill of materials, assembly instructions, and send directly to the manufacturer.

Scene, model, image, material storage

Separate scenes (backgrounds, settings), models (parts, products), materials (styles) and images (textures) in the intuitive 3D asset management system.


Must-have integrations

Sales Enablement Platforms
No matter what platform you use to align and empower your sales team, Threekit will enhance it with product detail and customization that drives conversion.

ERP Software
Works seamlessly with enterprise resource planning tools to streamline product imagery and visualization processes.

CPQ Platforms
Take “configure, price, quote” to the next level by with dynamic product visualization that shows the product as it prices.

PIM Systems
Enhance your product information management with the ability to visualize configurable products as they’re created.

Omnichannel Selling for Your Industry

Each industry has unique visual needs. See what's right for you.

A composable platform that integrates
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