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The Green Promise of Visual Configuration Software | Threekit

Returns are a serious problem in eCommerce. They cost retailers about 10 percent of their overall sales, and they’re increasingly something customers want to be free and easy. But the real cost of returns goes far beyond how they affect eCommerce retailers’ bottom lines.
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3D Configurators for Jewelry

You'll rarely make a more personal purchase than a piece of jewelry. Whether a gift to yourself or someone you love, it needs to feel personal to whoever is going to be wearing it.  With this added layer of purchase pressure, 3D configuration goes a long way in instilling buyer confidence, engagement, and ultimately, purchase. Here, we cover several examples of 3D configuration in jewelry.  
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3D Configurators for Furniture

The online furniture industry is experiencing a boom. Sales are set to hit $44.5b by the end of 2019 and poised to grow about 10% annually for the next several years. But online shopping for furniture poses risks for the shopper. Will that couch fit in the living room? Will the fabric match my club chairs? Can I actually see the custom updates that I'm making so I can be sure it's what I want?
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3 Ways Companies Pay for Poor Product Visuals

Compelling visuals and product experiences don't always top the "must do" list for eComm marketers...but they should. When imagery fails to accurately convey all of a  product's features and benefits, it's the brand that pays. 
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glTF vs FBX: Which format should I use? | Threekit

FBX vs. glTF: What is the difference between these 3D model file formats and which should you choose? Both are widely used and can store 3D models. But it's their differences that guide their applications.
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Working at Threekit: When Opportunity Knocks

What's it like to work at Threekit? Find out firsthand from the people living it. 
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Announcing Threekit's $20M Series A Funding

Today we're pleased to announce that Threekit has raised $20M in Series A financing, led by Shasta Ventures. Additional investors included Salesforce Ventures, former San Francisco 49ers Hall of Famer Steve Young, Marketo Co-Founder Phil Fernandez, and serial SaaS entrepreneur Godard Abel (G2, Steelbrick, and BigMachines). 
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4 Things that Make Threekit's 3D Software Different | Threekit

3D software occupies a specific niche where the ultimate in technology intersects with the ultimate in human creativity. It's Threekit's deep respect for the creators—the 3D artists—that helps to differentiate it from other offerings. Read about this legacy, as well as 3 other characteristics that make Threekit unique. 
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Why Now’s the Time to Invest in Augmented Reality for Retail

Augmented reality is not a "technology of the future" has arrived. Retail is one of the categories that will be wise to leverage its power early and often. 
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