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4 Things that Make Threekit's 3D Software Different

3D software occupies a specific niche where the ultimate in technology intersects with the ultimate in human creativity. It's Threekit's deep respect for the creators—the 3D artists—that helps to differentiate it from other offerings. Read about this legacy, as well as 3 other characteristics that make Threekit unique. 
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Why Now’s the Time to Invest in Augmented Reality for Retail

Augmented reality is not a "technology of the future" has arrived. Retail is one of the categories that will be wise to leverage its power early and often. 
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Should you use the STEP file format?

Should you use the STEP 3D file format? Like with all 3D file formats, it depends on what you are trying to do. Here, I will talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the STEP file format so you can decide if it is right the task at hand.
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Working at Threekit:  3 Lessons in 3 Months

What's it like to work at Threekit? Find out firsthand from the people living it.   
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OBJ 3D file format: When should you use it?

The Wavefront OBJ format is the most widely adopted 3D model storage format. Understanding when and how to use it is essential to getting the most out of it. 
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How & Why to Use SEO-Friendly Product Images

Great news, everyone: the ecommerce product images you’re already including on your site can help boost your performance in search (aka, boost your SEO, or search engine optimization). But there’s a good chance that the images on your site right now aren’t as SEO-friendly as they can be.
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The Visual Economy

In Part One of “The Visual Economy,” we dove into how our innate visual tendencies have been made more apparent with the advent social media and which brands have thrived in this new world. In Part Two, we’ll look at why it pays to meet consumers’ visual expectations and how brands might go about tackling this challenge.
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FBX 3D file format: When should you use it?

What is the FBX file format? Read on to find out what it is...and more importantly, when you should use it. 
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Furniture brands: If you’re not doing these 4 things, you’re probably losing money

It's said that furniture is one of the hardest things to shop for because of all the considerations—size, finish, colorway, durability…the list goes on. That’s why furniture retailers have to provide the best shopping experience possible, or risk losing out. These 4 tips ensure furniture brands will stay on top of their game.
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