Virtual Configurator: 10 Reasons This Will Benefit Your eCommerce Brand

Do you want to give your customers an immersive, gratifying, fast, and fun shopping experience? Any eCommerce CEO would say "yes." But if you manage to do all that AND throw something unique into the mix, your company could become an industry leader.


A virtual configurator can help you take a giant step toward uniqueness while cutting costs, improving customer experience, gathering data, and boosting your company's profitability.

In the nearest future, product configurators are likely to become a must-have for all eCommerce brands. Consider these reasons why taking advantage of one today can benefit your company right now.

1. Virtual Configurators Cut Manufacturing Costs

Instead of designing a line of products to suit the customers' needs based on marketing research, you can take research out of the equation and let customers decide for themselves.

This approach can cut substantial costs for manufacturers of such complex products as laptops or hearing aids. The configurator allows you to start building the product after the customer confirms being fully satisfied with its features.

2. Product Configurators Reduce Return Rates

The average product return rate for eCommerce brands is 30%. That's three times higher than for brick-and-mortar stores. The reason is simple. Once customers receive the products, they see the flaws that weren't obvious while they were shopping online.

With a 3D product configurator, the consumer doesn't just get a close look at all elements of the product. They can adjust the configuration to ensure the perfect fit for their needs. This can reduce the return rate by 35%, thus saving your brand money and improving customer satisfaction.

3. Virtual Configurators Shorten Lead Times

To push the customer down the sales funnel, your sales and marketing team has to do a tremendous amount of work. Instead of trying to obtain contact details and write down the customer's preferences, your teams can focus on selling the product because the configurator is doing the rest.

When the customer chooses the necessary configuration, they are already a long way down the sales funnel, leaving it up to your experts to drive the final sale through. As soon as the sales rep is done selling, the manufacturing team receives a finalized order.

4. Product Configurators Provide Sales Enablement

A virtual configurator is a highly efficient sales enablement tool for your team. By taking advantage of its flexibility and mobility, your sales rep can demonstrate a variety of different products to clients on the go.

When it comes to complex items, many sales team members don't have in-depth knowledge of each feature. The configurator allows them to demonstrate all of these features to the customer without referring to specs or making awkward pauses. This can demonstrate your team's expertise while cutting training costs.

The configurator allows the sales rep to focus on the process of selling instead of memorizing technical product details.

5. Virtual Configurators Increase Customer Satisfaction


A virtual configurator can improve customer satisfaction by:

  • Giving them the convenience of choosing the best product to suit their needs.
  • Allowing them to make important configuration decisions.
  • Creating a fun process of choosing various features for the product.
  • Reducing the time spent on buying.
  • Minimizing or eliminating the return hassle.
  • Reducing the journey down the sales funnel.

Overall, the configurator is an essential tool for improving CX (customer experience). With over 85% of consumers willing to pay more for a better customer experience, the configurator is an excellent revenue booster.

6. Product Configurators Increase Retention

With 20% of existing customers responsible for 80% of the future revenue, retention is on the agenda of any eCommerce brand. By creating excellent CX, a product configurator keeps the customers coming back for more.

Meanwhile, it stimulates positive feedback, which brings more visitors to your website. Satisfied consumers turn into brand ambassadors, cutting marketing costs and improving your promotional efforts.

7. Virtual Configurators Meet Customer Expectations

The 21st-century consumer expects brands to go above and beyond to drive a sale through. If an eCommerce retailer doesn't offer something that stands out from the crowd, a customer may simply pass by. Or worse, after researching your website, they could take their money to the competition.

A well-designed 3D virtual configurator can keep the customer's attention glued to the screen. Once offered an efficient and fun-to-use tool, a lead is more likely to convert.

8. Product Configurators Improve Marketing Efforts

eCommerce brands invest thousands of dollars into SEO efforts to keep their website on top of the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). One of the ranking factors is the visitor's behavior on your website.

By implementing a product configurator, you keep the user on your website longer, thus increasing their engagement and making your website more appealing to the search engine crawlers.

9. Virtual Configurators Generate Data

In the era of data, any information you can get about your customers can contribute to your sales and marketing efforts tremendously. While interacting with the product configurator, consumers don't just share personal information like contact details, they show brands what they prefer.

Even if the customer doesn't finalize the purchase, you can still get valuable data for further sales and marketing strategies.

10. Product Configurators Increase Average Deal Size

Configurators allow buyers to see exactly what their products will look like when manufactured. That makes it easier to show how add-ons can improve the final version of the product.

Meanwhile, the customers can explore more complex and expensive versions of the product and upsell themselves without the involvement of your sales team. By increasing the deal size, the virtual configurator directly affects your company's profitability.

Improving Your eCommerce Brand With a Virtual Configurator

Virtual configurators are quickly becoming an integral part of the online selling process. A high-quality configuration tool could make a difference between a loyal customer and an abandoned cart.

At Threekit, we focus on helping our clients improve their e-commerce brands, cut costs, and increase profitability. To find out how our virtual configurator can benefit your company, schedule a demo today.