Threekit joins The Khronos Group to set standard for 3D Commerce



Threekit has joined the Khronos 3D Commerce Exploratory Group to help guide the future of 3D commerce. The purpose of the group is to establish standards and guidelines for the production and distribution of real-time 3D representations of products, so they can be experienced realistically and consistently across all platforms and devices. 

“This Khronos Group initiative will be fruitful for both technology providers, like Threekit, and brands and retailers all over the world,” said Ben Houston, CTO of Threekit, Inc. “We are optimistic that a unified standard will help focus innovation efforts on broadening the scope of features and functionality of such standards and eliminate the need to support non-standard formats. Brands and retailers will be able to rely on a consistent asset experience to support their omnichannel strategy.”

Given our long history working with 3D in eCommerce, we are excited to help drive this initiative. We are thrilled to be joined by other industry leaders and brands as part of this initiative and to work side by side with them to pave the path forward. 

To learn more about this initiative read the full press release.