The Next Leap and The New Imperative For Sellers

Today, I’m excited to be joining the Threekit team as we build the required solution for anyone selling a product.

Throughout my career I’ve been blessed to work with great people at great companies. Today, I’m especially excited to join Threekit as CEO because, more than ever before, we have a chance to help businesses innovate and thrive.

This wasn’t always the case. 3D, augmented reality (AR), and Virtual Photographer™ weren’t always critical.

Five years ago you could be forgiven for saying 3D and AR were “interesting” or futuristic toys, but far from essential.

Things have changed. If you sell a physical product, the future of your business is dependent on the visual customer experience you offer.

Today’s buyers say that product visuals are the most important factor in their buying decision. More than star ratings, or recommendations, or video.

The massive demand for a better visual customer experience is happening in a multi-trillion dollar eCommerce ecosystem that’s growing exponentially due to COVID-19. It's imperative for BtoC and BtoB businesses alike to move toward virtual selling in order to succeed in the future. 

The titans of customer experience - Apple, Google, and Shopify - get it. Just in the last month, Apple launched lidar for better 3D scanning and AR, Google’s 3D animals are opening AR to our children, and Shopify announced native support for 3D models.

Most importantly, our customers are getting better results because of 3D and AR. Since early March, we’ve seen engagement with 3D products increase nearly 100% with one of our top customers. For others, the trend is similar.

As I told the team, we’re well-positioned for a confluence of reasons:

The Product - Led by our very own Ben Houston and a team of 3D & AR pioneers, we have over 15 years of knowledge packed into a platform that lets every kind of business create beautiful visuals in 3D, Virtual Photographer, and Augmented Reality at scale. And we make it simple.

The Team - We have the best team in the world because we focus on our customers and building next generation technology. From our incredible customer success organization, to engineering, and everyone else, we have decades of experience building companies that solve big problems.

The Market - I would be thrilled to join Threekit based on our product and team alone. But right now, amidst the massive accelerating growth in digital commerce, the demand from buyers for a better visual product experience, and the tech-titans pushing “all-in” to 3D and AR - I feel we’re embarking upon a once-in-a-career opportunity to fundamentally change the way people do business.

Partnerships - We are lucky to count the leading technology vendors as our partners. Salesforce, Adobe, Oracle, SAP, Shopify and many more.

The Company - We are in a fortunate position to have raised $20 Million Dollars from Shasta Ventures, Saleforce Ventures, serial entrepreneur Godard Abel, and former 49ers quarterback, Steve Young. This capital gives us the fuel to bring this truly beautiful technology to the global marketplace.

To our customers, a sincere thank you. I’m thrilled and humbled to be here to support you along your journey with us and I can’t wait to see what you build next.

To our partners, I am thrilled to connect with you all and take our relationships, integrations and value propositions to then next level.