How to Combine Influencer Marketing and SAP Product Configuration

Influencer showcasing a palette of makeup customized with an SAP product configuration tool

SAP product configuration can engage audiences and differentiate your brand from competitors. By giving your customers a unique way to configure different types of configurable products, you'll further stand apart with a unique eCommerce experience.

In addition, influencer marketing is one of the best ways to increase brand recognition and engage prospective customers. Influencers of all niches often build loyal followings who are likely to trust a brand that these influencers endorse. 

In fact, one survey found that around 90% of businesses have benefited from influencer marketing.

If you want to significantly boost sales for your business, you can supercharge your marketing with a combination of both an SAP product configurator and influencer marketing. 

The following are some specific ways you can harness the power of both of these elements to engage and win over customers.

Feature Videos of Influencers Playing With Your Configurator


One way you can blend influencer marketing and SAP product configuration is to have influencers produce videos of themselves using your configurator.

For instance, an influencer could feature a double-screen video including footage of themselves and a screen recording of the configurator. 

Influencers can actively show audiences how the configurator works. They can also play around with the different SAP variant configurations and product options.

Whether injecting humor into the experience or sincerely customizing products that they want, influencers will help audiences get a good feel for your configurator. In the process, influencers will also be able to generate more excitement around your configurator. 

Essentially, these types of videos could function as enticing ads that highlight your configurator's various features. They can build trust and even function as tutorials that build familiarity among audiences before using the configurator.

Excite audiences even more with AR videos

In addition to using your eCommerce website's SAP product configurator, influencers could take things a step further with an SAP integration featuring an augmented reality (AR) API. 

Using a mobile device and screen recorder, influencers could give audiences insight into your configurator's AR capabilities. They’ll show what configurations would look like in the real world. 

This would likely impress many audiences who might not discover your AR feature until after first interacting with your product configurator.

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Influencers Can Discuss Their Customization Experience

Influencer discussing different tools he purchased through a website with SAP product configuration

Another advantage of influencer marketing and SAP product configuration is the ability for influencers to discuss, in detail, their overall experience customizing your products.

After using your tool, ordering their customized product and receiving it, influencers can show their product off to audiences. In doing so, they can explain:

  • The different options they chose for their sales configuration
  • How they interacted with your configurator
  • Pricing and/or configure price quote (SAP CPQ) features
  • And more

As influencers discuss their configuration experience in-depth, audiences will be more likely to trust you. They'll also become increasingly curious about your configurator. 

In fact, not seeing the configurator right away could encourage audiences to visit your website and uncover the mystery of how the experience feels for themselves.

Additionally, suppose an influencer experiences certain pain points in the configuration experience and touches on them. Then the audience is also likely to have the same problem.

Whether it's an inefficient checkout process or a design flaw, your back office teams can then address the issue on the backend. That further optimizes the customization experience for future customers.

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Showcase Multiple Variant Configurations in a Haul Video

If influencers purchase a variety of custom products from a particular collection in your inventory, they could discuss all of these in a haul video.

Haul videos show influencers and others going over a series of purchases. In these videos, individuals may discuss:

  • What each item is
  • Their customization and shopping experience
  • Impressions based on their purchases and the final products

Haul videos typically involve a single retailer. They function as detailed reviews that give audiences a clear picture of that retailer. Based on these videos, prospects could get a feel for your business as a whole beyond the configuration experience.

Through a haul video, you could showcase a particular selection of products you want to highlight. 

For example, you may have a new line of base product models or materials you want to feature. In these instances, your influencer could review these specific products and detail what they liked about them.

Again, you can also use haul videos as an opportunity to identify any issues that people might have with the SAP product configuration experience. Based on this input, you can resolve these problems early.

This further streamlines the customer experience without relying on ticket submissions in a help portal.

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Get the Most From Your Influencer Marketing Efforts With the Right SAP Product Configurator

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Integrating SAP product configuration into your influencer marketing campaigns can help you connect with audiences in a fresh, exciting way. The best way to drive the results you want from your campaigns is to implement the right configuration engine.

With the help of Threekit's unique custom product configuration solution, you can benefit from accurate representations of simple to complex products, along with an intuitive customization experience.

Starting with virtual photography, we can digitize your complete inventory. The 2D and 3D models capture every color, texture and shape. Following this, we can upload product visuals into SAP Commerce Cloud and other eCommerce platforms as an add-on plugin that's easy to integrate.

To further immerse customers, we can also provide you with an AR functionality that enables smartphone or tablet users to view your products in physical space.

Through the combination of these features, you can effectively create a complete replication of the in-store experience. This solution, in conjunction with a strong influencer marketing strategy and other efforts, can go a long way in connecting with your target audiences and driving sales.

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