Can small eCommerce companies incorporate augmented reality?

With the big news last week that 20% of Facebook's entire workforce is now working on AR and VR technology, it's becoming even more clear: AR will become a major part of how companies do business in the future. The majority of existing applications allow eCommerce shoppers to place products in their physical environments, to see how they'll fit and look in their homes or offices. But the applications are spreading throughout all aspects of business from training to customer support.


Investing in eCommerce is a no-brainer for companies with large eCommerce funnels and the resources required. But what about small businesses? Can they take advantage of this technological evolution? Yes they can, and here's how:



Nar Poghos is an AR consultant and he recommends that smaller businesses start with small applications and scale their AR capabilities as their needs grow and clarify. One example he cites is incorporating an AR experience into your business card, triggering an AR-enriched experience via a QR code or link on your card that allows you to differentiate and command attention without having to build a large-scale application.


Another great option would be to begin with a single flagship product, utilizing a turnkey AR application to visualize it in AR environments and demonstrate the ROI before scaling it to the rest of your product line. By progressing product by product, you can smooth out your costs while maximizing your intial ROI, which is beneficial for companies where each dollar matters a little bit more.

We'll add that some small businesses are ready for wider investments in 3D and AR. If you have a large catalog of physical products with a customer group with predictable objections, AR can make an immediate impact in your buyers' confidence levels and surge your bottom-line results. For example, furniture and appliance shoppers want to be able to contextualize the size of a product that they are purchasing online.

kitchenaid AR

Small businesses with highly configurable products will find Threekit is the best way to generate AR experiences for not just each product, but each custom variant of a product. Normally, building the assets for products with hundreds or thousands of unique variants would be prohibitively costly, even for large businesses, but with Threekit, you can create those assets to scale and serve them to customers in real-time for a cost that makes sense for smaller businesses with an eye on maximizing their ROI.

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