Announcing the Trifecta and Threekit Accelerator Program

Threekit and Trifecta have joined forces and created the Accelerator program to jump-start Salesforce B2B Commerce brands customizing and configuring their products in interactive 3D, Virtual Photography, and Augmented Reality 

Coming out of 2020 and a massive spike in consumer eCommerce, the growth and changes inside B2B commerce are even more intense. According to Forrester Research, B2B eCommerce transactions will reach $1.2 trillion by 2021, accounting for more than 13% of all B2B sales in the United States. 

With the closure of trade shows and the slow-down of in-person meetings businesses are forced to find ways to accelerate growth even more.

Businesses that use Salesforce B2B are in a market where buyers prefer self-guided digital research before talking to sales.

We’ve partnered with Trifecta, a leading Salesforce B2B solution integrator, with more than 28 years of experience and more than 15 fortune 500 customers. With more than 400 projects delivered and an average customer success rating of 4.96 out of 5, Trifecta is the leading partner to bring this powerful combined solution to customers; enhancing engagement across the entire customer journey.

 "3D asset visualization and augmented reality are key to educating, engaging, and converting B2B buyers today. No one understands this quite like Threekit, which is why we’re so excited about this partnership,” John Rago, Chief Operating Officer at Trifecta Technologies, said. "Uniting Threekit’s connector technology with Trifecta’s commerce expertise and pre-designed accelerators creates tremendous opportunity for rapid ROI.”



A wall of words and a “contact us” button will be hard to sell in this new world where leading B2B brands are using interactive 3D, Virtual Photography, and Augmented Reality to create an amazing customer experience. 

Starting today, B2B companies can get started fast and with low risk with the Threekit and Trifecta Accelerator Program:

  • Launch in as little as seven weeks
  • 3 Months free software license from Threekit
  • Trifecta Rapid Start B2B Commerce with Threekit Accelerator costs $49,500
  • To add the Threekit Accelerator on top of an existing Salesforce B2B Commerce Implementation it is 1 week at $8,500.

Threekit and Trifecta are now making it easier and low risk to get started with Salesforce B2B  Commerce and for customers to produce amazing content that drives confidence, conversion, and operational efficiency.