How to Boost Home Gym Sales With a BigCommerce Product Configurator

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The 2020s may be the decade of change, and that’s the perfect time for businesses to invest in a BigCommerce product configurator

People are re-evaluating their life choices. They are making life-changing decisions such as a career change or improved self-care. With more time to assess their lifestyles, many are looking to improve their health while working from home. For some, that means investing in home gym equipment. 

Propelled by mobility limitations, the global home fitness equipment market is expected to reach $8.62 billion in 2023, up from $6.76 billion in 2019. More people are looking at in-home alternatives to gyms and fitness centers because of operating restrictions. 

They are also looking at exercising alternatives that can be incorporated into their at-home workday. While buying home gym equipment from an eCommerce store can be challenging, a BigCommerce product configurator can help boost sales. 

Finding the Right Size Equipment

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Before shopping for exercise equipment, consumers should measure their available space. 

If people are turning a spare room or garage into a home gym, space is still limited. If they're trying to fit an exercise bike or treadmill into a home office, then misjudging the available space can even make the equipment unusable.

According to the American Council on Exercise, the amount of space required depends on the equipment. For example:

  • Treadmills and ellipticals require 30 square feet.
  • Stationary bikes need 10 square feet.
  • Rowing machines take up 20 square feet.

Weight benches average 50 inches in length and 19 inches wide; free weights can also take up 20 to 50 square feet. Helping shoppers visualize the space required for a piece of equipment can reduce returns and improve the user experience.

Augmented reality

The best way to see how well a piece of equipment fits is to let shoppers see the product in their space in real time. With augmented reality, consumers can use their smartphones to overlay equipment into the corner of a room or a garage. 

In addition, the image can be augmented to show the square footage needed to use the equipment, making it easier to customize the product for the space.

With a BigCommerce product configurator, an eCommerce merchant can provide the equipment dimensions on the product page. 

When shoppers transfer the details, they not only see if a stationary bike or rowing machine will fit, but they also know if it can be used in the same space. They can even determine if there's enough usable space if they move it to a different part of the room.

Virtual photography

Virtual photography takes a few 3D photographs and turns them into multiple 2D and 3D images that let shoppers see the customizable product from all angles. With virtual photography, merchants can save on expensive photoshoots without compromising on the number of images consumers can see. 

Pro tip

Product visualization is key to successful digital marketing. Did you know that shoppers want to view at least eight images of a product?

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Customizing the Equipment

Product customizers can help shoppers find the right pieces of equipment for a home gym. 

With hundreds of possible product combinations, a BigCommerce product configurator allows consumers to filter selections by such features as pricing, size, construction material and weight. They can even look for virtual functionality to enhance exercise routines. 

3D configurator

Allowing customers to use a product customizer lets them see their choices in real time. They can evaluate changes in product configurations such as size or weight.

They can compare similar products to determine which is the better option for their available space and budget. The more customization options there are, the more critical the need for a 3D product configurator to keep them straight.

360° views

BigCommerce merchants can show their shoppers a 3D model of their exercise equipment from all angles. With 360-degree view capabilities, consumers can get a sense of how the product would look in their homes. 

For example, weights benches come in different profiles using different materials and construction methods. Viewing a bench from all sides makes it easier to determine whether a customized product is the right choice.


Along with 3D models and 360 views, a BigCommerce product configurator enables shoppers to zoom in on product details. They can look at different custom products to assess the quality of materials used in their construction. 

All of these capabilities give consumers confidence in purchasing personalized products from an online store.

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Educating the Shopper

Working out on exercise equipment configured in a BigCommerce product configurator

Successful online purchases begin with an understanding of what the shopper wants to accomplish with the equipment. Is the shopper trying to lose weight, build muscle or increase strength? 

Investing in equipment that doesn't help users reach their exercise goals can leave them with a negative user experience, making it less likely that they will purchase more exercise equipment.

Product configurators

Product configurators can be used as educational tools to help shoppers find the right equipment for their exercise goals. 

For example, an early filter could ask shoppers what they want to achieve. From that information, the eCommerce website could display the types of equipment that are best suited to meet that goal.

If the goal is aerobic exercise, then your platform could show a list of products and provide additional information regarding uses. For example, an elliptical may be a better choice for someone with knee problems. 

Providing helpful information can guide shoppers towards a custom product that they feel confident in purchasing.

Augmented reality

Enhancing product customization with augmented reality enables an eCommerce store to show how the equipment could be used. Illustrating the correct versus incorrect posture for riding a stationary bike, for example, gives shoppers added information to help configure their product choices.

Because some people may be intimidated by complex equipment, letting them see the equipment in real-world settings could provide the details they need to make a purchase.

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Using a Product Configurator to Boost Sales

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Threekit's BigCommerce product configurator expands the eCommerce platform to provide a user-friendly buying experience. Our BigCommerce product configurator enables shoppers to visualize their choices in real time in their own homes through augmented reality, virtual photography and a 3D configurator.

Our platform is designed to help eCommerce merchants meet their small business needs while delivering an immersive user experience. If you are an online store owner looking for a digital-first solution, then contact us to learn more.