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Why 3D and AR are the Future of Display Advertising

3D and Augmented Reality (AR) appear to be shifting the advertising landscape already. Just how significantly will only become clear in the upcoming months and years, however huge businesses are already using it to great effect, understanding that now is the time to deploy this comparatively new technology to produce new experiences for customers.
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How to Overcome B2B Sales Objections with Visual Configuration

Selling isn’t for the weak spirited.
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The Next Generation of B2B Sales: How to Sell Virtually in 2020

We’re living in a time of accelerating change. The new reality has shown with the overnight growth of eCommerce sales. With B2B, the reaction has been just as swift, expediting three trends that were already picking up steam:
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11 Lessons from Brands Doing Product Customization

  Until recently, most online retailers didn’t have the technology to make product customization feasible. Now that it’s possible to create real-time images and interactive 3D depicting shoppers’ customized products, many brands are taking advantage.
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Why Your Board Will Be Asking About 3D Next Quarter

3D configuration and augmented reality used to be considered "futuristic" technologies, reserved solely for sci-fi films films and one's imagination. But these tools are here and ready for eCommerce brands and retailers to take advantage.   
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Furniture brands: If you’re not doing these 4 things, you’re probably losing money

It's said that furniture is one of the hardest things to shop for because of all the considerations—size, finish, colorway, durability…the list goes on. That’s why furniture retailers have to provide the best shopping experience possible, or risk losing out. These 4 tips ensure furniture brands will stay on top of their game.
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Threekit gets a refreshed brand

Threekit has always been about creating incredible visual customer experiences.
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