Product Catalog

Our platform includes a “merchandiser’s view” that mimics major eCommerce platforms. Intuitive and easy-to-use, it allows marketers to make changes and updates themselves without relying on 3D teams.

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Key Features of our Product Catalog


Separate, Connected Storage of 3D Assets & Product Catalog

This allows both 3D artists and merchandisers to store and retrieve what they need out of the system easily. Enables unprecedented communication and operational efficiency.


Product, Part & Style Storage

All component pieces, visual representations and product information are stored in one place for easy access.  


Tasks & Approvals System

Create and assign tasks to specific users across teams and track project progress.


eCommerce Platform Integration

Threekit has existing connectors for all major eCommerce platforms, including Magento, Salesforce, Shopify, WooCommerce and more.


PIM/ERP Integration

Easily import all product SKU, spec information and metadata.