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There are many platforms available to create an online shopping experience. WooCommerce sets itself apart from the competition as the perfect bridge between Wordpress sites and online storefronts for those who need the flexibility of both. Since the basic WooCommerce is available as a free download, possesses the ability to scale from the most basic of stores to far more advanced options, and the upgraded version and plugins are very affordable, it’s no wonder this flexible platform accounts for nearly a quarter of all ecommerce stores.

Adding Threekit as a visual product customizer takes a large burden off of WooCommerce. Instead of trying to upload too many images at one time, Threekit does the heavy lifting as your 3D product configurator. The budget conscious store owner can do their own configurations, or our team of exceptionally talented programmers and designers create the dynamic experiences for your customers with advanced animations and product tours. You can even begin with the basic options provided by Threekit's WooCommerce plugin to create your powerful visual products configurator and enhance it as your needs and desires change over time.

Laptop screen displaying wordpress woocommerce site integration with Threekit

The interactive experience is a lightweight, fast, affordable custom product builder that can scale with you as you grow your store. Let customers play with options like color, material and countless other variables with 3D imaging so they know ahead of time exactly what they’re getting. No longer do your customers have to flip between multiple images and guess what a final product will look like.

The pairing of Threekit with WordPress and WooCommerce’s SEO friendly architecture is a powerful combination that simply can’t be matched. Threekit's configurator for WooCommerce also minimizes the number of plugins you need, keeping your store running smoothly for faster load times, further improving the customer experience.

This revolutionary approach to bringing ecommerce products to life is easily the best solution for closing the gap between buying products online and shopping in a traditional store. The increased speed and efficiency makes for a dramatically improved buying experience, which further boosts the customer’s confidence. So much so that we’ve seen conversions increased by as much as 40% while reducing online returns by as much as 80%.

Custom Product Builder

Threekit sofaset Configurator integrated with Woo commerce-wordpress

Threekit is hands down the most powerful and efficient custom product builder available. Contact us today for a demo to see how we can power up your WooCommerce store.

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