80% of B2B buyers say visuals are the most important reason for buying.

When your sales and channel partner teams can customize, configure and price in real time, it drives confidence and sales velocity. 

Configure complex products
Unify sales and the customer
Create powerful online buying experiences
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Configure complex products

Leverage Salesforce CPQ and Threekit to create an amazing (and accurate) visual customer experience.

  • Give sales and distributors a simple visual tool in 3D, Virtual Photographer™️ or AR that engages the customer and drives confidence 
  • Leverage existing product, product bundling and pricing rules in Salesforce CPQ
  • Make spatial, geometric and parametric changes based on your rules 



Unify sales and the customer

Drive deal velocity with customers, sales and channel partners configuring your product to the customer’s liking based on your product rules 

  • Interact with the configurator (spin, add features, materials, colors, etc.) and have those configurations passed to the Salesforce CPQ line items
  • Custom product configurations and Bill-of-Materials are shareable and retrievable so buyers can share custom documents, QR codes and saved designs 
  • Improve deal velocity by removing the need for in-house designs for custom projects

Create powerful online buying experiences

Differentiate your brand with next generation 3D, AR and Virtual Photographer. Drive more traffic, leads, and wins because your buying experience is the best 

  • Use the standard Salesforce CPQ product selection UI to make it easy for sales, partners and customers operate visual configuration 
  • Expand the use case to partners, dealers or distributors when you combine the power of Salesforce CPQ and Salesforce Community to offer a visual configuration experience 
  • All pricing, proposals and quotes are saved with the corresponding Threekit visual

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Customer expectations are changing, and the data proves it

Product Detail Page Features that are Influential to Digital Purchase Decisions

83 %
of shoppers point to product images as the most influential factor in their purchasing decision.
Product Images/Photos83% 
Star Ratings64% 
Comparison Charts45% 
Product video36% 

User Flow with Threekit in Salesforce CPQ


Sales, partner or buyer selects the product to configure


The Threekit Visual configurator loads inside Salesforce CPQ


As the user chooses options, features, colors and more, the product visual is updated in real time


Visual configuration rules are enforced and affect the components that are selected


Once saved, the visual configuration transforms into the quote line item with correct options and correct pricing


User can reconfigure the items as needed

See Threekit's 3D and AR:



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