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Connect your product systems, create incredible visuals and sell them in any channel, all from one platform.

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No Platform

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No Scale
  • Hard to add new features and variants
  • Can't add new visual experiences
Unlimited Scale
  • Add new variants, SKUs, and even complex rules and logic
  • Add any new visual experience and constantly evolving
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Not Composable
  • Doesn't connect to all relevant business systems
  • Can't sell omni-channel
  • Connects to all business systems - a single source of truth
  • Sell omni-channel
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No Updates
  • Can't take advantage of automatic feature enhancements
Regular Feature Updates
  • Take advantage of on-going feature releases

3 Key Pillars of a Connected Visual Commerce Platform


Perfect-fit Visual Solution for Your Unique Products, No Matter How Complex

Create the product experience you need today and know that you’ll be able to refresh, revise and build onto it into the future without going back to the drawing board.


A Composable Product Configurator

API-driven product configuration platform that brings together best in breed technologies to make your product shine.

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An Omnichannel Distribution Engine to Sell More & Power Your Brand

Make your complex products easier to sell by putting them wherever your buyers are. Connect your online and offline channels for a cohesive product experience.

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Visual Commerce for the Enterprise



ISO27001 certified



24/7 support in seven countries



99.9% Uptime

Platform Features for the Enterprise

Visual Experiences

Beautiful product configuration experiences, no matter how complex.

API-Led Integration

A composable product configurator that connects to your systems.

Omnichannel Selling

Send the right configurations experience to the right channel.

Product Catalog

Manage all your product assets variables and data in one place.

Rules & Logic Engine

Enable scale via product rules and logic that guide configuration.

Flexible UX/UI

Customize the perfect experience to create shopper engagement.

Analytics & Reporting

Access product configuration and sales data to inform e-commerce and marketing activities.

Manufacturing & BOM Integrations

Establish and maintain key workflows that enable custom production.

Seamlessly Integrate with your

Leading global grands rely on the sophistication of Threekit’s platform

Jonathan Ulrich Headshot

"We went from the sales team not having a 3D CPQ tool to not knowing how they would live without it."

Jonathan Ulrich, CEO

headshot-Geoffrey Mark,

"Threekit makes the impossible possible for Crate and Barrel—through image creation technology that unlocks massive scale and quality to keep our customers engaged and delighted."

Geoffrey Mark, Associate Director, CGI Strategy

sean nelson headshot

"With all kinds of different nuances and options of our Sactionals, Threekit really helps bring them to life. We’re really excited for what we've brought to the web.”

Sean Nelson, CEO