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Threekit has been named a Google Trusted 3D Partner to deliver engaging 3D advertising across its display network.

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Drive engagement.

3D advertising has been shown to drive up to 3x more engagement than standard display or rich media display ads. Look at this example and it's easy to see why. 3D advertising is more tactile and invites the viewer to interact with the ad with more than their eyes.

Be a digital brand innovator.

3D advertising leads to lifts in brand equity data points like purchase intent (6.9x) and brand favorability (4.7x). Companies that move quickly to enable 3D interactive advertising have a chance to build a significant differentiation over their slow-moving competition.

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High-Performing Campaigns for Sophisticated Advertisers

If your media team or agency use Google's Display and Video 360 programmatic platform, you're ready to partner with Threekit to enable 3D advertising and take your ads to the next level.

3D Visuals Built to Scale

When generating enough imagery for large ad campaigns or multivariant testing, the costs really add up. With Threekit's scalable 3D platform, you can easily generate as much imagery as you need to optimize your campaigns for your full array of customers.

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3D advertising for Google, powered by Threekit.

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eShoppers prefer to interact with 3D images. The data backs it up.

Which visual presentation most increases the likelihood of you making a purchase?

42 %

of respondents choose 360-degree 3D images, more than any other visual feature.

360-Degree 3D Images42% 
Product Videos30% 
2D Product Images28%