Why is product customization important?

In a world that’s becoming more dependent on the Internet with each passing day, it’s no surprise that the bulk of modern shopping is happening online. The eCommerce market is flooded with options for customers to choose from, and many brands are fighting to offer their own unique, high-quality shopping experience that sets them apart.


Product customization is an increasingly essential component of that experience. The opportunity for shoppers to select the finer details of a given product and personalize it to their own preferences can be what makes or breaks a purchase–and what keeps certain retailers ahead of the competition.

What was once a novelty in many brick-and-mortar stores has become a standard for online shopping. There are many reasons why offering product customization in your eCommerce experience is necessary for your company to succeed in the 21st century, and the following are some of the top ones.


It increases customer loyalty.

When customers can direct and control the exact product they want, the item will feel unique and ideally suited to their needs. By delivering precisely what the customer wants the first time around, a brand is more than likely to form a connection and gain their loyalty.


Not only does product customization send the message to shoppers that they have a company’s complete attention, but it makes them realize that they won’t be able to find better alternatives elsewhere. Once they have that bond with your brand, they are likely to continue shopping your product line for years to come.


It improves customer insight.

By allowing customers to personalize the products that they purchase from a company, brands can get a more accurate look at what people are shopping for. Product customization can show a retailer what people want from a store’s inventory, giving them a considerable edge against their competition with this type of data. Over time, this allows the store to adjust what they order and better predict what items will sell during future trends.


It makes products more attractive.

When shoppers are considering spending a lot of money on a product, they want to make sure that they aren’t settling for anything less than what they want. The option to customize their purchase to their particular needs allows customers to know exactly what they’re getting–and have a say in creating it. It may even persuade them to buy more than one.


It increases your profits.

Providing customization for products is a surefire way to make a quick sale and a lasting impression, resulting in more sales and overall profits. However, creating customized items also allows stores to charge more for the product, which many people will happily pay to get their dream version of the item.

With the ability to charge more and a customer base that is glad to pay for the luxury of a personalized experience, it’s a no-brainer why this method would beat out competing brands. There can also be varying levels of customization for additional tiered costs, creating a flexible pathway for shoppers of all budgets.

Jaunt  product customizer


It boosts word-of-mouthmarketing.

The happier that customers are with their purchases, the faster word will get around that your store is a top-notch place to shop. Whether you’re selling couches, jewelry, home decor, or any variety of other products, the option for product customization will set your brand apart from the rest.

Especially with outlets like social media platforms, it’s easy for news to spread about the hottest new successful purchase to thousands of people within a matter of seconds. Why not benefit from this free advertising by providing customers with such a satisfying shopping experience that they want to tell the world about it?


It reduces inventory costs.

With a bit of creative innovation, you can reduce the amount of unsold inventory in your backroom by customizing them to create new, fresh-looking products that people want. Stores can sell many products to shoppers as-is, or they can provide those finishing custom touches for an extra cost. Either way, product customization creates less waste by molding products into something more likely to sell at a faster rate. 

Desk configurator and customizer for Euclid furniture


It increases customer confidence with visuals.

The ease of online shopping is indisputable–with just a few 

scrolls and clicks, shoppers can have any number of products at their door in a matter of days. However, online shopping always carries the risk that the real-life product won’t align with the customer’s expectations, even if they opted to have it customized before purchasing. Fortunately, visual product customization technology eliminates that issue.



What is visual product customization?

Visual product customization software creates configurable 3D images for eCommerce stores to showcase their products in a more true-to-life way. Using this technology, online shoppers can modify a product image to see how it will look upon arrival by changing features like color, size, material, and style in real time. Some advanced websites also offer augmented reality, which allows customers to explore an item by turning it 360 degrees or viewing it through a smartphone camera in real time to see how it would look in their home.

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