How Your Product Customizer Can Help You Build Detailed Buyer Personas

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Identifying your ideal customers is an important part of successful marketing and sales conversions for your WooCommerce, Magento or Shopify store. No matter what eCommerce platform you use, a product customizer can help you gain clear insights into your customers' purchase behavior.

Your customizable products provide a way to gather more information about the needs of your customers. With a product customizer, you can use data generated during the product customization process to learn more about how your customers shop online and create detailed buyer personas.

Why You Need a Product Customizer to Build Effective Buyer Personas

If you use customer data from Shopify or Google Analytics, you already have important information about your existing customers. Unfortunately, your customers' age, gender, income level, educational status and occupation might not tell you everything you need to know about their purchase habits. 

It’s the actions of online shoppers that provide real insight into what drives them to make a purchase. So what if you could gather data about those actions to create detailed buyer personas that accurately portray your customers' needs and pain points more accurately? 


This is possible.

The data from your product customizer can be used to create detailed personas that help you:

  • Improve the layout of your product pages
  • Improve your custom templates
  • Streamline your product options
  • Enable your support team to better serve your customers

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4 Ways Your Product Customizer Provides New Data for Buyer Personas

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Buyer personas help you understand your customers' pain points and why they purchase (or fail to purchase) your products. Attempting to sell products to every individual isn't the best way to generate effective sales. 

In fact, 91% of consumers say they're more likely to shop with brands that provide offers that are relevant to them. Also, 66% of shoppers say encountering content that isn't personalized would stop them from making a purchase.

Creating detailed buyer personas is an effective way to build targeted marketing campaigns that attract today's consumers and offer an engaging shopping experience that helps you convert shoppers into buyers. Using existing data is the best way to help you create these personas.  

Here are a few ways your product customizer can help you gather essential data to create detailed buyer personas:

1. Pinpoint effective marketing techniques

Your product customizer offers you a variety of ways to boost your marketing KPIs. You can also use the data from these marketing techniques to determine what inspires your current customers to visit your website.

For example, if you have one group of buyers that respond to your social media marketing efforts and another that reaches your site through targeted emails, you can collect additional data to see what other aspects differentiate the two groups. 

Creating specific buyer personas for each group will help you create personalized marketing campaigns that attract more like-minded shoppers.

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2. Use customization choices to identify customer pain points

A product customizer from Threekit allows your customers to take the reins and create their own products that begin with your templates and a variety of customization options. Your customers see a great app that allows them to access user-friendly features like:

  • Checkboxes
  • Text fields
  • Dropdown menus
  • File uploads (like clipart, JPGs and PNGs)

Meanwhile, backend features allow you to use these actions to collect valuable data. From the materials your customers choose to the products that are least popular, the data from your custom products share information about your customers' needs. 

Creating buyer personas for shoppers that make choices based on functionality versus those who choose materials based on appearance can help you better target the needs of these shoppers with different marketing campaigns.

3. Identify your average customer's budget with spending data

During the customizing process from Threekit, your customers get the advantage of visualizations and pricing changes in real time. Whether you sell t-shirts or custom furniture, you may not be targeting their budget if customers stray away from pricey customization options.

Creating buyer personas based on financial choices can create various options for future marketing and selling techniques. 

For instance, if your target market is budget-conscious, consider the different ways shoppers place value on products. Some shoppers exclusively seek low prices while others seek lasting value. 

By separating these groups into different buyer personas, you can target each customer more effectively. Suppose that you have a mix of customers: some configure an extravagant product while others customize a low-budget option.

Creating different buyer personas for each of these customer types will help you address each type of customer more efficiently.

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4. Understand customer shopping pain points with point-of-abandonment data

Whether your customers are shopping for a company, purchasing gifts or buying personal items, shopping is about more than the item you receive. Shoppers are seeking an enjoyable experience in both physical stores and online platforms.

Your product customizer app has the ability to provide the customer support shoppers need without direct input from you.

Customers who abandon a purchase can provide as much (or more) information as those who make a purchase. When you identify the point where a user abandons the purchase, you can begin to investigate why abandonment occurs. 

For instance, customers may leave your website during the creation of customized products because of a sudden price jump, lack of information or increased complexity during the process.

You can use point-of-abandonment data to identify specific customer pain points and simplify your product pages in these ways:

  • Streamline material choices and help customers eliminate potential mistakes by adding conditional logic options that only allow optimal material choices.
  • Offer bulk actions that save time by allowing customers to make multiple changes at once.
  • Include augmented reality options so your customers can view their customized products in their own space.

Buyer personas are a tool that helps you relate to your customers more effectively. Your product customizer can help you build more detailed buyer personas. Then you can accurately target the needs of different shoppers that are likely to be interested in your customized products.

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