How A WooCommerce Product Customizer Will Give Your Store An Edge

Nothing is more precious and rare in eCommerce than having a competitive advantage over your rivals. Competitive advantage is not restricted solely to having something your competitor doesn’t have. It also refers to having fewer disadvantages or challenges than the competition. This is where a WooCommerce product customizer comes in handy.


helmet product configurator


The biggest disadvantage of doing business online is the lack of first-hand product experience. Even though 80% of customers prefer brands to offer personalized experiences, and 32% demand customized offerings, the nature of eCommerce makes it impossible for shoppers to see, feel, or interact with online products. This is why so many customers still prefer to make the trip to a physical store instead of shopping online in the comfort of their couch.

WooCommerce product configurator can eliminate this disadvantage for you. It can streamline product description and presentation to help  improve user experience, communication, engagement, and conversion rate. But how does a WooCommerce customizer work? And, how will product customization help your store?


How a WooCommerce Product Customizer Works

A WooCommerce product customizer is a software application that allows online shoppers to customize your products virtually on your website. Customizers are powered by live 3D models that allow you to visualize or present your products more accurately. Potential buyers can use a 3D configurator to explore, inspect, and customize your products by applying, adding, or alternating specific features, colors, materials, and other options before they place their order. Product customization allows potential buyers to create a product that meets their needs.

For example, Light Helmets implemented a WooCommerce product configurator that enables customers to inspect its products using tools like a 360-degree viewer, zoom feature, and an enlarger.


online helmet rotator

360-degree view using the first icon in red (


Customers can rotate the helmet or zoom in on specific features for a thorough inspection to enhance understanding. They can also choose the color, face mask, chin cup, and so on. With 3D configurations, customers can see, explore, and interact with the product just like in a physical store. Eliminating the lack of touch and first-hand experience in your WooCommerce store offers a wide range of benefits.


How a WooCommerce Product Customizer Benefits Your Store

A WooCommerce product customizer enables online shoppers to inspect your products from all angles and customize them to meet their needs, which solves a lot of problems facing e-commerce stores. 3D configurations can reduce cart abandonment, returns, bad reviews, and other challenges that impede your competitors. The competitive advantage bestowed by a WooCommerce product configurator offers several benefits.


1. Differentiation

The WooCommerce platform and e-commerce sector as a whole is overcrowded and competitive, which makes it difficult for small and medium stores to stand out from the crowd. A 3D product customizer is robust and unique enough to differentiate your store from the competition. It gives the customer control in the design process, which is a memorable experience for most customers. If you offer high-end sneakers, you can implement a WooCommerce customizer on your site to enable customers to create the perfect sneaker that meets their needs.


threekit shoe customizer

Customizing the laces of a sneaker (


Having 3D product configurations on your WooCommerce site will also proclaim your experience, trustworthiness, competence, and professionalism. It can help you convince window shoppers who have been disappointed by other brands to give your store just one chance. WooCommerce product customizers with a 360-degree viewer and zoom capabilities also enhance customers’ inspection of the product, which creates a perception of honesty. It shows you don’t have anything to hide, and you're dedicated to customer satisfaction. Giving the customer the tools to help them make informed purchase decisions quickly also gives you an advantage in the marketplace.


2. Increased sales

How do you increase sales? Well, you have to improve customers’ confidence by showing them how your product will meet their needs. Customers are emotionally invested and more confident in the products they help create. Recent studies indicate that customers are willing to pay up to 19% more for products that they have designed and customized. Product customization is important if you offer products like football helmets that have to fit perfectly on the user's head to guarantee their safety.


helmet customizer

Customizing Light Helmets’ facemask (


With a WooCommerce product configurator, shoppers have full control of the design process and can customize your helmets to address their unique needs. Product customization allows for informed decision-making and can increase confidence that the helmet will meet their needs. Your WooCommerce store needs a customizer to improve customers’ confidence in your products and increase sales.


3. Increased engagement and time on your site

Engagement is all about grabbing and holding the attention of the audience long enough to convince them to purchase. Product customizers are designed with interactive 3D models that can grab the attention of potential buyers long enough for you to convert them to loyal customers. You can use a 3D product configurator to entice window shoppers looking for the perfect engagement ring or watch.


Bamford Watch Custom-gif


Engaging the customer for longer also increases the opportunities for the customer to act on their impulses. A product customizer gives you infinite engagement opportunities to convert shoppers into first-time buyers or poach customers from the competition.


4. Improved communication between you and your customers

A 3D configurator is highly effective for product visualization and description. It allows you to present your product on the storefront more accurately for the customer to see and understand how it will meet their needs. You can also visualize elements that are usually difficult to describe, like colors, accents, and shades for your helmet.


helmet product configurator



They can apply accent stripe color, matte or glossy finish, interior color, and so on. Highlighting all the different colors available for your product alongside the 3D model on the customizer can help the customer choose more accurately. It gives your customers the tools to tell you exactly what they need. A WooCommerce product configurator can eliminate miscommunication, reduce returns, shorten your sales cycles, improve customers’ experience, and increase your competitive advantage in the marketplace.


5. A personalized experience

A recent study found that 75% of customers appreciate brands that personalize offerings for them. Also, stores that provide the best-personalized experiences can generate 4-8% higher revenue than their competitors.

A WooCommerce product configurator can help personalize offerings for your customers by allowing them to create their own products. You can implement 3D configurations in your WooCommerce store to enable shoppers to customize office chairs based on their needs.


Herman Miller chair-gif

Using a 360-viewer to inspect the back of a chair (


The customizer is designed with a 360-degree viewer that allows the customer to rotate the chair and inspect it from every angle, and leverage high-quality 3D photos that improve product visuals to enhance the perceived value of your products. Product customization can take the customer on a journey of how office chairs are designed and immerse them in an adventurous and memorable experience. A WooCommerce product configurator with interactive 3D models of your products can help you deliver customized offerings and personalize your customers’ experiences.

Threekit can partner to help you crate a WooCommerce product configurator. It is designed with an interactive 360-degree viewer, zoom capabilities, and other functionalities that support product customization in WooCommerce stores. Please contact us to schedule some time with one of our WooCommerce configuration experts.