Using Visual Commerce to Sell Barns and Sheds

Maximize sales with a visual commerce platform: engage customers with configuration options; inspire shoppers with easily rendered, high-quality visualizations; increase buyer confidence with augmented reality and space planning tools; shorten the sales cycles and quickly adapt to market changes.

Key Takeaways

  • Visual commerce enhances customer engagement and increases conversion rates by providing customization, advanced product visuals and an intuitive user interface.
  • Integrating a visual commerce platform with can streamline the sales and support cycles, providing faster time-to-market and higher customer satisfaction.
  • Headless solutions in visual commerce facilitate advanced configuration capabilities, supporting agility in the market and ecommerce scalability.

The Benefits of Visual Commerce

Humans are visual by nature. A recent study found that three days after seeing items, people are likely to remember only 10% of text but 65% of visual content.

83% of shoppers cite product imagery as the top influence on their online purchase decisions.

Threekit's visual commerce platform helps barn and shed suppliers captivate customers through real-time product configuration, interactive and photorealistic product visualizations and an intuitive user interface that supports accuracy and manufacturing efficiency.

This not only enriches the shopping experience but also fosters a deeper connection between the customer and the product.

In fact, Ulrich Barns saw a 290% increase in profit and a 400% increase in units within a month of adopting the Threekit platform.


Attracting and Engaging Shoppers

In utilizing Threekit's cutting-edge visual engine, you can turn CAD files into interactive 3D renderings or photorealistic 2D images to catch consumer attention and keep them on your site.

Today's ecommerce customers prefer to see at least five product images for every item. However, the speed of online business means you need a scalable solution to generate those visuals. That's where virtual photography comes in.

Shed Config Live Demo

Virtual Photographer

The Virtual Photographer tool transforms 3D models into photorealistic product images that capture your buildings from every angle and depth, accurately showing texture and size.

With just a few clicks, you can generate thousands of product images, without the expense and time of building and photographing multiple physical prototypes.

These images can then be combined with the individual background images stored in the digital asset management library to showcase the barn or shed in its best light.

These lifestyle images often inspire shoppers to dig deeper, as well as providing cross-sell and upsell opportunities through the visual marketing of complementary items.


Encouraging Connection with Customization

Threekit's product configurator enhances consumer engagement by offering a direct, digital way to customize barns and sheds to meet their unique needs.

From changing wood grain to roof pitch and more, shoppers can see their self-designed product in real-time.

And with a high-quality visual representation of their choices, including interactive elements such as 360° rotational viewing options and zooming in for granular details, they gain a better understanding of building footprint and utility.

Offering a better-than-in-store shopping experience gives shoppers a sense of connection with their unique product, and thus conversion rates increase.

Additionally, studies show that digital shoppers are willing to pay up to 20% more for a product they can customize—boosting your bottom line while providing higher rates of customer satisfaction.

By allowing the shopper to direct their product size and style, there's no need to build and stock the different configurations of each product. You can essentially manufacture their dream barn or shed on demand, further reducing cost and waste.

Tuff shed customizer (1) (1)-gif

Digital Asset Management

The platform stores your product data as individual models, materials and textures to enable wide-scale repurposing. Create it once, access it with ease and use it again and again as templatized material.

Creating templates establishes a standard look-and-feel to product images. This supports brand consistency across all platforms, increasing consumer trust and reducing the time and cost of marketing materials.

With automatic CAD importing, API that supports a wide array of 3D file types and professional touch-up tools, it keeps your assets organized and accessible.

By storing background, materials, textures and models individually, configuration options for each product can be easily and quickly added or swapped around.

This provides agility to adapt to changes in supply chain, materials or the popular market. 

10. Digital Asset Management

Increasing Buyer Confidence

In shopping for high-ticket items like barns or sheds, shopper confidence is key to securing a sale.

Visual commerce tools empower consumers to see their chosen products in real or aspirational environments, ensuring the perfect fit and style within their space.

This level of interactivity reduces the uncertainty that often accompanies online purchases, increases satisfaction and decreases the likelihood of costly product returns.

You can achieve this through implementation of Threekit Spaces and Augmented Reality (AR).

Ulrich barns

Threekit Spaces

With Spaces, users can draw their acreage layout in real-time and place custom materials exactly where they belong. The grid layout makes dimensions easy to see and customize, down to the inch.

The shopper can then select your barn or shed design and place it as desired to see an accurate visual representation of the product in their environment.

They can view their building in 2D or 3D, marrying the best of both digital and in-store shopping experiences. And with the configurable design software seamlessly integrated on your ecommerce site, customers can select additional suggested items, increasing cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

spaces screensho

Augmented Reality

With AR, the customization process becomes more tangible. Shoppers can explore different configurations and modifications in real-time, directly on their smartphones or tablets. 

This customer-centric feature not only ensures their building will fit in its designated space and match a desired utility or aesthetic, it fosters a sense of ownership over the product.

The ability to visualize products in a personal space boosts shopper confidence by 66%.

And Threekit's seamless integration with ecommerce platforms means a user-friendly interface—consumers can see how their shed will appear in their space with just one click. 


Securing Brand Loyalty with Post-Purchase Accuracy and Speed

When customers place their order, the exact specifications are automatically sent to the manufacturer, reducing human error and speeding production time.

CAD files, cut patterns, assembly instructions and a bill of materials are also automatically provided to the maker, enabling an accurate build and more satisfied customers. 

Automated order processing ensures all specifications and details are stored together in your logs, for easy access by customer support as necessary.


A Future-Proof Business Tool

Threekit integrates with a variety of business tools and ecommerce platforms, like PIM, CPQ, DAM, ERM and more, making it agile enough to adapt to your unique business needs.

There's no need to install multiple software items, train support teams in complex procedures or hire a developer to manage the platform.

Threekit is an innovative platform that provides the ease of plug-and-play with the complexity necessary to unify product offerings in the most efficient way possible.


See for yourself how the advanced visual commerce platform can elevate your brand and maximize your sales, by scheduling a free demo.